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Two years ago we decided to help moms break free from the tethers of the wall. Since then, we've become North America's top-selling wearable breast pump brand.
We've empowered 2 million+ women around the world to thrive as individuals again. Despite the success, we haven't stopped listening. In our continued quest to improve the breast pumping experience for every mom, we're excited to introduce the S9 Pro and S12 Pro. The new models come with improvements in functionality, build, and appearance, for a more convenient, comfortable, and efficient experience for any mom.

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Free Hand, Free Rein
No wire tangle, no wall restriction, the hands-free breast pump allows for ultimate free walk-around for multitasking and body motion to exercise while pumping, which is a real shortcut for moms to get the balance of nursing babies and regain normal lives in a shorter time and easier way.
In Bra, No Voila
With an ergonomic curve, the wearable breast pump can be worn light inside your bra exactly one part of your bra without attracting any "voila", which can replace bra-off or bra-change pumping hassle with in-bra pumping convenience, to make the pumping private and handy for you while in public.
When+Where+Who “ever”
When to pump? Where to pump? In front of who to pump? Who cares? With quiet sound and long battery life, this wearable breast pump supports long-time outdoor activities to take you far to travel, work, or even the party to pump in front of anybody, and no pumping schedule is interrupted!
The Whole World is Your Pumping Room

Limitless pumping on the go

Meet the New S Series

S9 Pro
Lasts the whole day. Pump anytime, anywhere.
24 hours on one charge- perfect for moms on the go.
$64.99 / $119.99
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Fits in your bra, cord-free, hands-free, quiet and light.
180 minutes
One charge for 180 minutes use for 6-8 pumping sessions, for 24 hours outdoors pump.
Single flange
Soft and BPA-free flange brings a snug and comfy feeling to breasts.
2 Modes
2 modes and 9 intensities for baby-suckling imitation pumping.
S12 Pro
Pump your way to easy street.
360° gentle care for a spa-level pumping experience.
$74.99 / $139.99
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Fits in your bra, cord-free, hands-free, quiet and light.
140 minutes
One charge for 140 minutes use, 1.5hrs fast charging-speed to charge fully for in-time pumping.
Double flange
Double-sealed flange brings not only a comfy feeling but also a stronger suction for total drainage.
3 Modes
3 modes and 9 intensities for more pumping choices to cater to each breast’s needs.
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S9 Pro
What's the difference?
S9 vs S9 Pro
S12 Pro
What's the difference
S12 vs S12 Pro
S9 Pro
Mode 2 modes  2 modes
Levels 5 Levels  9 Levels
LED Display No  Yes
Usage Time 90 Mins 180 Mins
Session 3-5 sessions 6-8 sessions
Charging Time 2.5H 2.5H
S12 Pro
Mode 2 modes  3 modes
Levels 9 Levels  9 Levels
Display LCD LED
Usage Time 90 Minutes 140 Minutes
Session 3-5 sessions 5-6 sessions
Charging Time 2.5H 1.5H

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