Momcozy Story
Momcozy Story


Cozy Designs Born from Love

Our Story, Our Commitment

We launched the Momcozy Breast Pump Bra in 2017 with the intention of solving a problem mothers faced. Breast pumping technology at the time was not optimized for the lifestyle of being a parent or even a working mother.

We weren’t content on simply letting mothers choose between their life or their child’s when there could be a world designed for both. As a team filled with mothers ourselves, we couldn’t ignore it anymore!

So with the help of our dedicated community, we set out to create a
product that’s not just designed to give mothers more choice, but to transition the industry towards a new goal, to involve mothers in the design process for their betterment.

Since then, we’ve only done more towards our mission of empowering moms all over the world to feel beautiful and powerful in comfort. From our quick technology evolutions year on year to our full range of specially designed maternity products made for the occasion, we treat all our product lines as essential items, because that’s what they are to our users.


We were built with love and continue to grow with love everyday. Starting with our founder Athena, who chose to dedicate herself to this brand because it matters. Our values are her values, and her values are yours. We are Momcozy, and we are Cozy Designs Born from Love.

Cozy Care for Caring Moms

Cozy Care for Caring Moms

To have and care for your child is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences any parent can ask for, however while we’re all told it’s not going to be easy, we were never told it’d be so uncomfortable… from the bras to breast pump's it all feels irritatingly stiff and bumpy. Not to mention the life altering confinement and sacrifices we make daily. Sometimes, when we put our kids first, we forget to place ourselves entirely.

Just as you put your children first, we believe in putting mothers back on top. At Momcozy we design with purpose and care, to bring you maternity and nursing products so good that you can’t help but feel understood. Since 2017 we’ve been helping moms take better care of themselves, our close-knit community is built on positivity and supporting one another.


High-quality ≠ Expensive. We at Momcozy are passionate about creating the highest quality products at affordable prices. It’s natural that as a mom you want the best for your baby and for yourself too. And at Momcozy, we are committed to producing first-rate mother and baby care products so as to create the biggest value for you and make your each pence worth.