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Momcozy Wearable Electric Breast Pump

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Exclusive innovative black technology to create a unique experience, from the leapfrog technological innovation in shape and function, so that nursing mothers can also embrace freedom and enjoy life while breastfeeding.

Double Choice, Double Guard

  • Give the baby more fresh breast milk nutrition, give mother more sleep
  • Stable and time-saving: bilateral breast pumping at the same time, the same amount of milk, save 50% time than unilateral, increase the rest and sleep time of nursing mothers
  • Efficient emptying: bilateral breast pumping at the same time can empty the breast more effectively than unilateral, so that breastfeeding mothers can stay away from the embarrassment of unilateral milk spill
  • Incremental breast milk: breastfeeding on both sides at the same time helps to generate more breast milk from the source and allows the baby to eat more healthy and nutritious breast milk

Innovative Pumping Technology 31.9db "Nearly Silent"
Momcozy intelligent breast pump, so that nursing mothers can use it anytime, anywhere

Painless Breast Pumping, Comfortable and Funny
2 breast pumping modes, 5 levels of adjustment intensity

Double Rhythm, Simulating Baby Sucking Naturally
The first stage: Stimulate lactation: At the beginning, it is rapid and rapid. Massage stimulates the mother's nipple and areola, promotes the secretion of milk, and triggers a milk burst.
Stage 2: Breast pumping mode: When milk flows out of the nipple, the baby will slow down and suck breast milk slowly and deeply

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How many does each pump hold?
A: Around 250ml (equal to 8.45 oz).

Q: What will I get in the package?
A: 1 * pump, 1 * USB cable, 1 * instruction.

Q: What is the flange size?
A: Currently, we only have 24mm. We'll update other sizes later.