How to Pump Breast Milk

How to pump breast milk

Choose the breast pump carefully for pumping breast milk:

To pump the breast milk, obviously, you need a breast pump. So, let's first discover what kind of breast pumps are available on the market? 

Which Type of breast pumps are best:

There are many types of breast pumps on the market, but for pumping but electric breast pumps are the best choice and are easy to use!

Electric breast pump:

Electric pumps come in a broad range of prices.

For nursing moms who want to feed their infants breast milk, affordable electric pumps from MOMCOZY could work. However, unless your infant is also nursing at the breast, they often do not give enough stimulation to keep your milk production in check. There is a battery-powered version of several electric pumps. Battery-powered electric pumps typically perform best. 

  • Top-quality pumps- The more expensive electric pumps are available for purchase and function well for mothers who have regular milk production but must be away from their infants for long stretches of time. The most efficient electric pumps will be those with larger price tags. Double All-in-one Wearable Breast Pump - M1 keeps milk totally separate from the pump using a closed system. It is safe to wear this pump without fear of leakage.
  •  Recommendation- We firmly advise the MOMCOZY electric pump option, particularly at first, if your infant is not at the breast at all. It is the best breast pump available. You could eventually be able to move to a different pump depending on your milk output.

You can buy a pump collection kit, the tubing, and the flange that attaches to the pump if you rent a hospital-grade pump. You may pump both breasts at once with specific pumps by using two kits. It is a plus point since it reduces the time you need to pump by half. The practise of "double pumping" may also increase the quantity of milk produced overall. Check out one of the current hands-free solutions. 

Milk Pumping Bras:

Do you ever have the feeling that you're always carrying something with you, like a baby bottle? Do you find that pumping while holding the bottles causes your hands to get painful? Explore MOMCOZY's best breast pump bras to get an idea of the mobility they provide their wearers so you can choose which one is best for you.

Few of their best pumping bras that help you extract milk are: 

  • Hands-Free Nursing & Pumping Bra: 

If you often need to express breast milk while still engaging in other activities, you should consider purchasing MOMCOZY's  Hands-Free Nursing & Pumping Bra.

In addition to having an outstanding design, the MOMCOZY's bra has the benefit that you put on and take off the bra briskly and in an uncomplicated manner whenever it is necessary to pump breast milk.

  • Front Zipper Hands-Free Pumping Bra:

The speciality of MOMCOZY'S Front Zipper Hands-Free Pumping Bra is that in addition to its function as a nursing bra, you can use it as a bra for keeping two bottles and flanges in place. If you want to be able to feed your infant while expressing milk into a bottle, you may do both simultaneously.

These bras allow you to pump two bottles simultaneously, halving the time you spend pumping.

  • Breastfeeding Seamless Wireless Nursing Bras

MOMCOZY's Breastfeeding Seamless Wireless Nursing Bras is "your everyday go-to bra" that offers a high level of comfort. During nursing sessions, it is preferable to wear breathable, soft fabrics in order to prevent the mother from being overheated. 

As you can open the buckle with one hand, it's an excellent choice for busy parents who choose convenience above speed. The airy and flexible fabric expands with you during your pregnancy, and it is obvious to become a favourite due to how comfortable it is.

Pumping more effectively can be accomplished:

It's likely that the hormone oxytocin is responsible for your feelings of dissatisfaction. The tightening of tiny muscles that surround the cells that produce milk causes the milk to be pushed toward the nipple.

Some mothers experience leaking during a let-down, while others report feeling heavy or tingling at this time. On the other hand, some people don't notice anything except an increase in the amount of milk they produce.

Before you start pumping, you may find it helpful to give one of the following suggestions a shot to help you relax:

  • A photo of your kid or a recollection of them might be helpful.
  • When you hold a piece of your newborn's clothing or blanket to your nose, you may be able to smell their scent.
  • Place a warm, wet towel over each breast before proceeding.
  • Start by giving your breasts a little massage to help calm and relax them.
  • Roll your nipple carefully between your index finger and your thumb.

Obtaining more milk:

When nursing, babies employ both compression and suction on their nursing mothers' breasts. The breast pump relies only on suction to function. If you desire to get the most milk out of your breasts, you should utilise a mix of nursing bras and electric pumping. 

According to the findings of one piece of study, women were able to increase the rate at which they produced milk by first warming up the breast pump flange (the part that contacts the breast).

How often should I have my tank filled up?

If you are solely pumping your milk, which we do not recommend if you are nursing, you should express your milk at least eight to twelve times each day. Because prolactin, a hormone that aids in milk production, is at its highest level at night, pumping your breasts throughout the night may be very beneficial. During the first few weeks after giving birth, you should strive to restrict the duration of your pumping sessions to between five and six hours.

If your infant can not latch on to you, we suggest you pump your breasts for 15 minutes on each side until you establish your milk supply. According to the findings of various studies, a healthy infant will swallow the bulk of the volume of their meal within the first five minutes. The use of a pump will cause an increase in the total amount of time required. An effective breast pump may extract around 85 percent of the milk. Your entire pumping time will be cut in half by the use of double pumping, which involves pressing on both breasts. It will enable you to spend more time with your child.

It is best to continue pumping breast milk for a few minutes after the last drop of milk has been produced, after your milk is ready to be retrieved.

Consider the amount of milk. It differs from one to individual. Therefore, you may need to change how often you pump your breasts.

Pumping milk should not be an unpleasant experience:

Mothers need to pump their breast milk almost every day, so it must not be an unpleasant experience.

If you are experiencing pain during pumping, there is definitely something wrong. It may be due to faulty breast pumps or pumping bras. Be careful when purchasing these items. Choose a reliable and trustworthy brand like MOMCOZY! You shouldn't feel pain in your nipples when you pump and shouldn't have to hold your breath or curl your toes because of pumping. If you have an issue after buying worthy pumping items, you must be positioning them in the wrong way. Here are some suggestions to place the pumping items.

  • Check that the flange on the component of the pump that you rest on your breast has the appropriate measurement. Check the position of the nipple and adjust it in the middle of the opening in the flange.
  • It is essential to consider that the size of a woman's nipple varies from one individual to the next! If your shoes do not fit properly, pumping will not be as fun for you.
  • The flange should be at least an inch bigger than the size of your nipple in order to prevent any pain.
  • When you pump breast milk, you may find that adjusting the amount of suction on your breast pump will help reduce some of the pain you are feeling. Start with the least option, then gradually go up to higher and higher levels from there. If the pressure is too unpleasant, you should lower it.
  • If you face trouble during nursing, it may be time to see a lactation consultant in your area.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to know about "How to pump breast milk" and other related things. Now it's time to choose the breast milk pumping products. MOMCOZY's breast pumps and pumping bras will not disappoint you. Many mothers are satisfied after using our products as we deliver the best quality products to customers and stay in touch to provide them customer support.

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