Does the baby always cry before going to bed? 5 tips for getting baby to fall asleep, a must-have for novice mom

Feb 14, 2020 |Baby Care
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Every mother has been ruled by the fear of her baby crying before bed.

Novice mothers, in particular, have no experience with newborn babies, whether it is to hold the baby, shake, sing, or directly put the breast into the baby's mouth, have not been able to raise a quiet bedtime angel baby.


So, which part is wrong, why the baby every time before going to bed to cry?


Today, mother lilac invited an IMPI international infant sleep consultant-Lin Xiaonuan, who will talk to you about how to deal with baby crying before bed. It is very suitable for novice mothers to early learning so that when the baby cry is not at a loss.

How to reduce the baby's crying before bed?

1.Stick to a relatively regular bedtime ritual

Such as bathing, nursing, curtains, singing, massage...

This can make the baby from excited state gradually to calm down because of regular expectation so as to reduce the crying.


  1. Create a comfortable sleeping environment

Such as dim lighting, not too noisy environment, the right temperature, comfortable pajamas and bedding, comfort toys and so on.


  1. Know the time to fall asleep

The sleeping habit of the baby is more sleepy more unable to sleep, take good care of the baby's sleep signal and awake time, let him go to sleep when feel sleepy, will be more smooth.

  1. Talk to your baby before bed

Whether murmured with a baby or a small talk with a big baby, it helps him sort out his day's experiences and emotions, relieves stress and makes him more stable.


  1. Lead your baby learn to sleep peacefully and autonomously

Lead the baby learn to fall asleep autonomically, is the ultimate goal of all parents to improve their baby's sleep.

The method is easy to be listed, but need to "teach the baby according to their age", each age stage has different sleep problems, to achieve the goal of leading the baby fall asleep autonomously, more detailed guidance is necessary.





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