#WBW2021: How the Momcozy Community is Celebrating the Breastfeeding Awareness Month

#WBW2021: How the Momcozy Community is Celebrating the Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Breastfeeding is more than the act of feeding your baby. It’s a daily accomplishment that requires constant dedication and patience, especially during the most challenging moments as a new mom. It’s an undeniable affirmation of the bond connecting you to your little one.

Breastfeeding is not only normal, it is also essential to guarantee a healthy growth of your baby. Despite the consistent number of research confirming the importance of breastfeeding, we are still faced with challenges spacing from workplace discrimination to social pressure and feelings of inadequacy.

August is the perfect month to look into the current perception of breastfeeding and to look back at the progress that we have made so far. In August, we have been celebrating a series of incredible events, which are an opportunity to share our stories within the Momcozy community:

  • The World Breastfeeding Week in the first week of August
  • The Breastfeeding Awareness Month currently still happening
  • The Black Breastfeeding Week in the last week of August

Let’s review some highlights of these meaningful events. ❤

How the Momcozy Community Celebrated the World Breastfeeding Week

During the World Breastfeeding Week, 58 moms shared their breastfeeding stories as part of our Facebook giveaway event.

We learned that it doesn’t matter where we are from, our breastfeeding experiences often have several points in common. Breastfeeding can be a challenge that can make us feel inadequate and stressed.

Breastfeeding has its ups and downs. It’s painful and difficult, but it’s also empowering to realize that you’re all your little one needs. We have selected a few of the amazing experiences so many Momcozy moms have decided to share with our wonderful community.

Being a first time mom is such a challenging and wonderful adventure! Let’s be honest, us mommas can use all the help we can get! Looking for the best journey possible for my son and I, love the #momcozy product line!” - Charlotte

“I have 3-week old twins and it has been one of the hardest things I have done. I tried to breastfeed directly for a week and a half and my mental health was really rough. I have now started to pump exclusively and it has been so much more for my mental health and being able to bond with my babies better. I had no clue that exclusively pumping was even an option. This shows how everyone's journey is different and what works for you and your babies is the best choice. #momcozy” - Jenna

“Breastfeeding these last two years has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Not only do my daughter and I share a special bond, but I also proved to myself that I could do it and stick to it. It was so hard in the beginning and painful, I absolutely dreaded feeding time but once I overcame that rough patch I was able to enjoy those quiet, special moments nursing my baby. Now I am 28 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2 and I look forward to this journey all over again.  #momcozy” - Kayla

How Momcozy Joined the Normalize Breastfeeding Event From Alicia Samone Photography

On August 8th, 255 moms showed up to join the group picture taken by Alicia Samone Photography. For those of you not yet familiar with this empowering tradition - and even more amazing photographer - check her Facebook page to read more.

We’re on the same page with Alicia. We too believe there’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding. Such an act of love shouldn’t be considered a taboo, even less something to hide or feel ashamed of doing in public.

We couldn’t find better words to express the message of this event; so we’ll share a glimpse at the full statement you can find here:

We are not only normalizing all types of breastfeeding but we are normalizing doing it in public at any time. Any where. And WAY you want to.

Breastfeed in public.
Breastfeed while you eat
Breastfeed at the table.
Breastfeed at the park.
Breastfeed at the mall.
Breastfeed at work.
Breastfeed at a party.
Breastfeed in line.
Breastfeed around people.”


All the wonderful moms who joined this event received a Momcozy bag, while some lucky moms also received an exclusive Momcozy Electric Breast Pump and other unique gifts.


The goal of this event is not only to raise awareness for breastfeeding but also nursing moms that pump and feed breastmilk to their babies or other babies. Normalizing breastfeeding starts with empowering moms like you to share your story with the world.

This yearly tradition from Alicia Samone is so much more than a group photo of moms from all nationalities and backgrounds. It’s an occasion to unite moms with the same worries, questions, and challenges.

Raising awareness for pumping and breastfeeding in public starts with a simple gesture like a group photo. What this photo actually means is much more. It’s a representation of many moms united by the same goal of normalizing what is good for their babies.

And, by the way, breastfeeding in public is not illegal and is not indecent exposure – anywhere! Many states have laws expressly saying this.

How the Momcozy Community is Ready to Celebrate the Black Breastfeeding Week

It’s the 9th year of the Black Breastfeeding Week, an initiative that was created to raise awareness around the gaping racial disparity in breastfeeding rates.

This year, the BBW focuses on the need to rest, which is even more important during such hard times like the ones we are living now.

Momcozy supports this event as we share the same values of equity, inclusion, and support for moms from a range of backgrounds, races, and ethnicities. We will offer a series of discounts and other exclusive offers on our whole site.

Please support this campaign by sharing the hashtag #BBW21 to your social media connections and friends. You can also donate to this campaign at the official Black Breastfeeding Week page.

We at Momcozy do all we can to support moms like you during your journey to motherhood. We design solutions to make you feel comfortable in your skin as a breastfeeding mom, so that you can focus all your energies on your baby.

Discover our selection of Momcozy Electric Breast Pumps, Nursing & Pumping Bras, and more!

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