The Benefits of a Wearable Breast Pump

wearable breast pump
There are many benefits of feeding the baby breast milk rather than industrial milk. However, the mothers and the baby may not always be together for various reasons, most notably the return to work. In this case, having a wearable breast pump is important, but with a hands-free breast pump, it is even more practical. 

What is a hands-free breast pump
Breast milk is the most suitable meal for newborns, especially until their 6th month of age. It is crucial for breastfeeding mothers to maintain lactation to meet the needs of the little one better. This is done in particular by the regular stimulation of milk production. If the mother stays with her child, it is sufficient to have him suckle at each rise, but otherwise, it is mandatory to extract the milk in another way. This is where the tool like the breast pump comes in. However, expressing milk can take a long time. The hand-free breast pump is specially designed to solve this constraint. It is indeed an accessory used to keep breast shields and bottles in place. It is for use with a wearable electric breast pump.
Benefits of a Wearable Breast Pump 

Increase lactation

Depending on when you express your milk, a lot of things can change. Knowledge allows us to choose what suits us best, depending on your objective (preparing stock, increasing your lactation, etc.)
    • After a feed, you will have very rich milk. You will have less too. Yes, the baby took his share. This is the most common method to increase lactation. Don't stop pumping if the milk is not flowing if your body's message is to make more milk!
    • Between two feeds, it can be easier, and seeing milk flowing is always fun. If the baby cries faster than expected, it can be stressful because there will be less milk. And at the same time, putting it to the breast will stimulate lactation even more. You can use a hand-free breast pump to express milk between two feeds.
    • At night or in the evening: the hormones are more important; therefore, we can draw more using a wearable breast pump and use it when the baby needs feeding with a bottle. 
    • In the morning: if your little one did not suck much at night, you could have a lot of milk. Express the milk and use it when you are outside.
In short, it varies depending on the time of day and your baby. If you express every day at the same time, in the same place in the most similar conditions possible, it helps to increase lactation.

The possibility of expressing milk from both breasts at the same time

If your breast pump must be used regularly, for example at work, opt for an automatic wearable electric breast pump. This halves the pumping time and increases prolactin release, leading to harvesting more milk than if you had done one breast after another.

Helps the mothers if the mother can’t breastfeed

On the other hand, if you are separated from your baby at birth, your baby cannot breastfeed or is born prematurely, and a hand-free breast pump can help you in the first weeks of breastfeeding to put in route and maintain your lactation. Choose the best breast pump, and express your milk regularly, between 6 and 10 times every 24 hours, as in normal conditions at the start of breastfeeding.
 best wearable breast pump

A great ally for working mom

After these first weeks, expressing your milk can be useful if you need to be away from home, or if you want to build up a small reserve for the return to work. In this case, you can start expressing your milk once a day after a feed. Most moms produce more breast milk early in the morning, trying to find the best time for you.

Electric breast pumps are sold with breast shields; these are small accessories that are adapted to the nipple's size for more comfort. These small objects vary in size and shape. If moms have the slightest pain, they can change their electric breast pump accessories. This type of product is also completely suitable for active women. If future mothers have adapted a bra or a bustier, this allows them to have a hands-free kit to go about their business. It is an important element to become active again after pregnancy.

Helps the mom in case of the premature birth of a baby

This method may also be suitable for mothers with sick or premature babies in the hospital. In these cases, the woman may need to sufficiently stimulate her lactation to compensate for what her baby cannot do. With an electric breast pump, she has a good chance of doing it. This method makes it easier for the mother to breastfeed her child after being discharged from the hospital.

Comfort in use

Simplicity and comfort of use are the great benefits of having the wearable electric breast pump. Indeed, the objective here is to save time. So the new moms can use it with comfort, even doing the house chores.

Different suction modes

Depending on the electric breast pump model, the user will have access to more or fewer suction levels. The hand-free pumping device offers several suction modes so that you can perform the task as you wish.

Bottom Line

Want to share the joys of breastfeeding with the dad, need to stimulate your lactation, return to work, engorged breasts, premature baby? The hand-free breast pump allows you to occasionally extract breast milk or daily, without losing any drop and giving it to your baby in a bottle whenever you want. The wearable breast pump stimulates lactation; it also offers real-time savings due to a small motor, the milk is extracted without effort (muscle). Momcozy’s electric breast pumps are also versatile, and you express your milk at home, and on the go, they are rather compact and easy to transport. They come with less motor noise so that you express your milk outside or at the office.

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