Make Sure to Pay Attention to These Tips When Using a Breast Pump

30 may 2022 |Breastfeeding
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In daily life, there are many breastfeeding mothers who are unable to feed at any time because they need to go to work, so there is a breast pump. Using a breast pump can also help maintain your milk. So, how is the breast pump used? What is the role of the breast pump? How to disinfect the breast pump? Let’s take a look.

How to use the breast pump

Before using the breast pump, it is best for your mother to heat your breasts with a hot towel for a few minutes, which helps the milk to flow out and relieve pain. Mother can often change the position of the breast pump on the breast to stimulate the breast. It is recommended to practice using the breast pump until you find the most suitable way, but when using a breast pump to cause pain, stop and consult a doctor immediately.

The correct use of breast pump

First, relax the breasts

Proper massage and hot compresses should be applied to the breast before starting to suck, thus promoting the expansion of the breast and preparing for the smooth suction of the breast.

Massage method:
1. Rotate from the periphery of the breast to the nipple in a small circle;
2. Then gently rub the nipple with the thumb and index finger, and change direction, to ensure that both sides of the breast and nipple are stimulated in all directions;
3. At the same time I think of the cute look of the baby or listen to the baby’s crying or look at the baby’s photo or video.

Second, use a breast pump to suck milk

The woman chooses the appropriate position of the breast pump according to her physical condition to start sucking the milk. When sucking the milk, put the funnel of the breast pump on the areola, make it tightly sealed, and pay attention to controlling the time and rhythm of sucking milk.

Time: Generally, the time of using the breast pump is about 8 minutes, and the whole process is controlled within 20 minutes. It should not be too long.

Frequency: Mother should slowly and manually use the breast pump in a step-by-step manner, from slow to fast. When you feel the pain in your nipples or you can’t suck your milk, you can’t continue to use the breast pump.

Reminder: If you notice pain in your breasts, stop pumping immediately. If it is the mother of the office worker, the conditional company will be equipped with a nursery. If there is no room, you can find a quiet room to suck the milk.

Third, pay attention after the milk is finished

1. Bottles after breastmilk should be immediately placed in the refrigerator, refrigerated or frozen.
2. When the breast pump is used, it must be soaked in hot water or disinfected in a microwave oven.
3. Maternal need to wipe the chest after the pumping, and can be used with anti-overflow breast pad to keep the breast clean and dry.

The role of the breast pump

The most common reason to use a breast pump during breastfeeding is to keep the milk so that the baby can still get breast milk when you are not there. Even when you are with your baby, using a breast pump can help maintain your milk. If you want to continue breastfeeding after work, it is more necessary to suck the milk out and save it.
1. Stimulate milk secretion and increase milk volume.

2. If your baby is a premature baby or does not suck on your mother’s nipple, using a breast pump to collect milk will not only allow your baby to eat valuable breast milk.

3. The advantage of the breast pump is to relieve the pain and pressure caused by the expansion of milk. However, it should be noted that the number of milking during the expansion of milk is not too much, otherwise it will make the situation worse.

4. Help to clear the breast, open milk as soon as possible, milk early, the baby can eat colostrum, without milk powder.

5. The baby will not be too long each time, the sucking is effective sucking, will not develop the habit of biting the teat to sleep

6. To avoid the baby sucking the breast can only eat the former milk, and can not eat nutritious after-milk; (pre-milk is generally clear, after the milk is relatively thick, the content of the former milk nutrients is not rich after the milk.

How to disinfect the breast pump

Since breast milk contains a lot of fat, it is easy to leave a large amount of oil after use, which is not only easy to breed bacteria but also affects the next use. Therefore, many methods of disinfection of breast pumps are also of concern to mothers.

The sterilizable parts of the breast pump are: horn cover, hose, milking bottle, connector, anti-overflow valve. These accessories are required to be wiped after each use and washed with hot water. Most of the components can also be placed in water. Boiling disinfection but pay attention to the best time to control the boiling time within 5 minutes, so as not to affect the use of deformation. Microwave disinfection and steam sterilization are not suitable for individual parts and are not recommended.

For the disinfection of the breast pump, the main components can also be sterilized by boiling in boiling water. Specific components mothers should pay attention to the instructions, because the frequency of the use of breast pumps is relatively high, so there is no need to disinfect after each use. Excessive disinfection and cleaning can cause premature aging of the parts and reduce the life of the breast pump.

Therefore, the best way to recommend it is to wash it with hot water after each use and disinfect it once a day.

Precautions for using a breast pump

First, the preparation of milking with a breast pump

Prepare a cleaned breast pump, disinfected bottle 1 or 2 or a breast milk special storage box (storage bag), ice box or insulated bag before going to work; wash your hands before milking.

Second, the way and time of milking with a breast pump

Use manual, electric breast pump, or directly squeeze the breast from the outer circumference to the middle of the milk; generally feel the milk can be swollen, and the baby has “run-in” a good mother, usually should be fed Baby’s time, feeling the milk and milking. After work, you can squeeze according to your own milk volume, or use the breast pump to squeeze each other in the afternoon, or just squeeze at noon. Every time you use a breast pump to milk, you should squeeze the breasts on both sides as much as possible. It feels that the breast is soft and usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. If you are preparing to wean your mother, you don’t need to squeeze your breasts, as long as the breasts are soft and you don’t feel the pain.

When breast pumping, you can first perform a breast massage. Thinking about the baby or putting a baby photo during the massage can help stimulate the milk spray reflection. There may be more than one spray reflection during breast pumping, so you can alternate breast pumps on both sides.

Third, the use of breast pump to suck the milk schedule

The length of breast pumping depends on several factors.

If you have both breasts sucking at the same time, it takes 10 to 15 minutes.

If you only use one side of the breast pump at a time, it takes 20 to 30 minutes.

When using a manual breast pump to suck the milk, the pumping time is more difficult to estimate, it depends on the size of the negative pressure and the speed of breast pumping. On average, 15 to 20 minutes of breast pumping per side is sufficient. Simultaneous breast pumping on both sides not only saves time, but also has the advantage of stimulating the production of milk.

When using a breast pump, it is best for your mother to heat your breasts with a hot towel for a few minutes, which helps the milk to flow out and relieve pain. When breast pumping, you can first perform a breast massage. Thinking about the baby or putting a baby photo during the massage can help stimulate the milk spray reflection.

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