Working Moms Breast Pump? Top Features of S9 Pro

Aug 31, 2022 |Breastfeeding

Working Moms Breast Pump can be inserted into your bra and milked in a matter of seconds. It's simpler to disassemble a one-click for cleaning.

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Do you have issues with working moms breast pumps? Maybe you're expecting a baby and plan to breastfeed, or you just had a baby and you're wondering if a breast pump might make your life simpler. Please feel free to ask any further questions; we hope to be able to answer some of them.

How Do Breast Pumps Work?

Your baby depends entirely on you when you are breastfeeding for all of her hydration, nutrition, and immune support. The best way to feed your baby is to breastfeed him or her, however working moms breast pumps can give women more options as they progress with the breastfeeding process. Suction is used by the breast pump to extract milk after it has been fitted to your breast. We call this expressing.

What Justifications Exist for Utilizing a Breast Pump?

The use of a breast pump is beneficial to moms for a variety of reasons. To name a few:

  • Flexibility – so your partner can feed your baby at night, someone else can feed your baby so you can run to the gym, etc.
  • If you have nipple injury or other issues, to give your breasts a break.
  • To increase supply.
  • To reduce swelling.
  • Baby is not latching on and feeding well (or at all!) due to attachment concerns.
  • When you resume work again.

Features of S9 Pro Hands-free Moms Breast Pump

Lasts All Day Long: pump whenever, anywhere

S9 Pro hands-free working moms breast pumps works more quickly and efficiently, giving mothers more time to themselves. Pumping in baby-stimulation mode reduces nipple soreness and promotes greater letdown. Low-volume use during the silent night, 50 dB sound level. Suction range of 280–300 mmHg for hospitals. LED screens allow for quick viewing even at night. Automatic 30 minute shut-off while not in use.

Still, streamlined, and little


This S9 Pro wearable breast pump has been downsized by 20% and is now 20% lighter, so there is no bulk or added weight in the bra.

With the working moms breast pumps, you may pump entirely hands-free whenever and wherever you like without being hindered by tangled or messy wires. An improved way to pump at home, work, or while traveling.

One Charge for 24 Hours

With a larger battery and Type-C charging connector that charges faster, the S9 Pro wearable pump can pump for up to 180 minutes in six to eight sessions in about 2.5 hours. Auto shut-off after 30 minutes reduces concerns even more.

Simple and adaptable Working Moms Breast Pump

The S9 Pro working moms breast pumps has two expression modes and combined suction with nine degrees of intensity for each, which stimulates the baby's natural sucking rhythm and boosts milk production, and enables parents to obtain more milk faster. Pumping at night is made simpler by the LED screen's very easy readability even at a glance.

Quick and Simple to Clean

S9 Pro hands-free pump, the Reddot Winner 2022, boasts construction and design patterns as well as FDA-approved entire food-grade safe silicone material.

A wearable working moms breast pump can be inserted into your bra and milked in a matter of seconds. It's simpler to disassemble a one-click on/off structure for cleaning.

Breast milk is an asset in itself, especially when the baby is nursing at the breast and receiving breast milk directly. In principle, it could also mean emptying the breast milk at this point. However, that would mean that the breast would then be completely empty, which is physiologically impossible.

You are in a situation where you somehow have to get breast milk from your breast for your baby and you are thinking about how you could best do that.

Use your hands stimulate breast!

You can gently massage your breasts with your hands, caressing them and thus ensuring that the hormone oxytocin is registered. The distribution can begin and the flow of milk (milk ejection reflex) is triggered.

Now you can continue to use your hands and collect breast milk with a specific technique. It is best to express small amounts of breast milk by hand. It is best to massage and warm your breasts beforehand and then carefully express the breast milk.

Please let your midwife or breastfeeding advisor show you this technique. Small amounts, especially at the beginning of the breastfeeding period, usually get stuck everywhere on the pump set and can then no longer be fed, so it is better to choose manual emptying at the beginning. In addition, you get to know your body so well and get a feeling for e.g. B.

Why should you use Working Moms Breast Pump?

If you don't like it or if it doesn't work properly yet, you can use a working moms breast pumps that suits you after the massage. Using your hands is very important when you have to pump regularly for a long period of time! Your breast will quickly get used to the breast pump.

When you plan to breastfeed your baby, using your hands creates a kind of conditioning. You can then also use them shortly before breastfeeding and your baby can benefit from the milk ejection reflex.

Use moist heat!

If your milk came in some time ago and you feel hardening in the breast, then moist heat can be very pleasant and beneficial in preparation. Create an undisturbed, quiet atmosphere! If possible, put all the necessary utensils within reach! Go to the toilet if possible, because a full bladder can mean stress.

The right breast shell is important for optimal breast milk production with the help of a breast pump. When making your choice, you should make sure that if possible no surrounding tissue around the nipple is sucked in. The nipple must move freely in the funnel and not rub anywhere to prevent injury.

Single or double Working Moms Breast Pump?

You can pump both breasts at the same time or one at a time. Double pumping offers you time savings and more breast milk because there is more of the milk-forming hormone prolactin in the blood.

What are the settings on the electric breast pump for?

It is important for you to feel comfortable during the pumping process. Any stress has a mostly unpleasant influence on the milk yield and also your milk production. It is therefore important to be able to pump as painlessly as possible. In order to be able to trigger the milk ejection reflex, a baby tends to suckle frequently and very gently at the beginning.

Assuming the breast was captured correctly. Therefore, modern electric breast pumps contain the appropriate programs. The vacuum should be set so that you can feel the suction power, but find it pleasant. You will notice that your sensation can also vary at different times of the day.

So check carefully for each pumping process whether the vacuum setting suits your sensation!

There are different Models of Electric Breast Pumps

There are different models of electric breast pumps and they should be adjustable as individually as possible. If the cycle (frequency of suckling) is also adjustable, then use a higher setting for the first few minutes until your breast milk becomes visible and when it is flowing, a lower suction frequency is sufficient.

Incidentally, studies have shown that triggering the milk ejection reflex can take up to 4 minutes when using an electric breast pump.

We are asked every day what the pumping schedule should be like if you are breastfeeding regularly without "taking away" the milk from the child.
Here we are happy to give a few valuable tips on how to gradually build up a safe supply of milk without creating an oversupply.

What is Scheduled Pumping?

Scheduled pumping means pumping around the same time of day each day to signal the body to produce more breast milk per day - say one meal, about 80ml, more.
This way, you can freeze the milk every day and build up a modest milk supply without putting your body in extreme overfeeding mode or worrying about how you're timing the next pumping session between breastfeeding sessions.

When should scheduled pumping begin?
  • It is best to wait until the 6th week of life to start pumping.
    • If you plan to go back to work, you should start pumping about 3 weeks before going to work            
Why wait so long to pump?

Milk production increases from birth up to 6 weeks of age, from then the drinking amounts are the same until the baby is 6 months old. Your baby must have the opportunity to increase milk supply by breastfeeding on demand.

Breast milk production is regulated by supply and demand. Early additional pumping can quickly stimulate overproduction. It may sound tempting, but hypergalacticia can cause significant problems for both the mother and her baby.

How do I fit pumping into my breastfeeding schedule?

The best time to pump is when milk production is at its highest. Well, strictly speaking, that would be at night, but nobody wants to pump then, sleep comes first. In the morning there are still more lactation hormones buzzing around, so it would make sense to pump in the first breastfeeding session in the morning.

Breastfeed your baby on one breast and pump the other breast. This will gradually increase their milk production in the morning, allowing them to keep a bottle for the freezer over time. This milk can be frozen for about 6 months.


It is important that when pumping, care is taken to ensure that the pump cap is the correct size for the nipple. Otherwise, this can lead to injuries and/or worsen the result.

So don't give up! that triggering the milk ejection reflex can take up to 4 minutes when using an electric working moms breast pumps.

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