The Top Baby Carriers for Newborn to Toddler: Which One Should You Choose?

Oct 10, 2023 |Baby Care

Not sure which baby carrier to choose? Learn about different types of baby carriers and discover our top offers, such as baby wrap and hip seat carriers. Find the perfect fit for you and your little one.

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Becoming a new parent is an exciting part of many of our lives. You get to welcome a little one, being extra gentle and patient with them. And then you may get stuck with the challenge of deciphering which baby carrier is suitable for them.

You should consider many factors when choosing that first, second, or third baby carrier. These could include how old your baby is, what comfort level you think is best for them, and how easy the baby carrier is to use.

That's why we put together this guide of the top two most popular types of baby carriers for you to weigh out the ins and outs. We want to help you make the right decision for you and your newborn. So, let's get into the insights of baby carriers below.

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Why Are There So Many Types of Baby Carriers?

For new parents and carers, the types of carriers can be pretty confusing initially to get your head around. But there are different types for different reasons.

Just as your baby will go through its development stages on their way, other parents need a baby carrier that is best suited for their little one. Let's consider these factors:

How Old Your Baby Is

You can use a baby carrier from the first day you bring them home. Not only are you keeping them close to you, but this is a perfect way to keep them feeling nurtured and secure.

Some baby carriers are designed for little ones who have just been born. They can only accommodate up to a specific size and weight. Then, once your newborn progresses into an older baby and even a toddler, they can transition into a carrier more suitable for their weight, height, and movement.

Some Parents Want Versatility

Some carriers allow you to adapt how you hold your baby. For example, baby wrap carriers, one of our favorites, have a lot of versatility. Similarly, there are also hip seat carriers that have more room for your newborn to grow.

Additionally, you may not always want to carry your baby on the front of your body, or you may not physically be able to. So, having the option to switch your carry position to the back of your body or even your hip can be perfect.

Matching Your Personality and Style

You and your loved one will wear a baby carrier most of the time with your newborn. So, it makes sense that there are so many styles and designs to find one that matches your look.

Typically, baby carriers will come in calming, neutral colors that don't disturb your little one. But, they can also be seen as a fashion accessory by many parents, so I think you'll be spoilt for choosing the most suitable one.

It Comes Down to Your Baby's Comfort

Ultimately, when you choose the best baby carrier for your little one, you want them to be relaxed and cozy. Similarly, on your end, you don't want to feel pressure on specific muscles, so finding a suitable carrier is essential.

We’ve Narrowed it Down to Two

Before diving into our favorite choices, some baby carriers get honorable mentions. If you're a parent who loves to go on long walks or hikes, backpack carriers have padded straps and extra support to keep your little ones secure.

Another pretty good option to think about is the sling carrier. It usually comes with one or two pieces of fabric that can be tied in various styles to fit your infant's size. But, if you incorrectly tie the fabric in a knot, your baby may not be completely secure. They can also grow out of sling wraps quite quickly.

Nonetheless, our best-performing baby carriers are:

Baby Wrap Carriers

A mom holds her baby close with a baby wrap.

We adore baby wrap carriers. They keep you in close contact with your little infant. This contact is critical in their early development stage, as it can help protect the baby's emotional connection to feel bonded with you. Communication can also help regulate the baby's body temperature by knowing when they start feeling hot or cold.

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These carriers are typically stretchy wraps and can be made of mostly polyester and a percentage of elastane. For example, this fabric can be made with a breathable mesh that keeps your baby cool and can be adjusted to provide the best neck and head support.

As we mentioned, baby carriers tend to be versatile. If you're planning to breastfeed your baby, using this stretchy wrap will make things a lot easier, as this carrier is the type of carrier to move around and adjust freely.

Baby Hip Seat Carriers

A mom carries her baby with a hip seat carrier

Hip seat carriers are another excellent option for comfortably carrying your baby around with you. They are essentially waist belts that provide lower back support while you keep a hold of your baby. It also relieves you of any abdominal pressure.

Moreover, this type of baby carrier allows you to monitor the head control. It's the perfect carrier for parents who want to be able to switch their baby's position whenever they see fit. You can have your baby sit in a forward-facing position, face-to-face position, as well as hip carry position.

Baby hip seat carriers also come with bags for storing your baby's essentials. This means when using a hip seat carrier, you can carry everything you normally carry in a stroller, like diapers, milk, change of clothes, snacks, etc. It can also be home to your phone and wallet. This makes a baby hip seat carrier a practical choice when carrying your baby.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think the type of baby carrier you choose depends on a few factors, including the baby's age, size, and what kind of comfort and versatility you're after. We think functionality is critical, but you can also be selective when choosing the baby carrier with a style to match your own.

Momcozy offers two of the most popular baby carriers in the market: the baby wrap and the hip seat. We know these are two of the best out there when considering comfort, ease of access, and support. If you're interested in our favorites, check them out today.

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