I'm a Mom, But I'm Also Myself

I'm a Mom, But I'm Also Myself

Becoming a mother is a life-changing experience that transforms the soul of your being. And no, it's not only about the physical changes, like the baby bump, the labor, and the recovery after. It's about how your heart grows, how you see what really matters, and how your daily life takes a new direction.

When I journeyed into motherhood in 2016, it felt like greeting a fresh morning, with every moment bringing its own special light. My heart was filled with feelings I'd never felt before, each heartbeat tying me closer to the new life in my arms. Holding my first child, the comforting smell of baby products mingled with memories of past outdoor escapades.

Life Before Becoming a Mom

But take a step back to 2011, and you'd meet a very different me. I was all about the race and pushing my body to its limits in the world of endurance sports. Those early morning workouts, the buzz before starting a race, the bond with fellow runners, and those moments of peace on long runs defined my days. My routine was packed with tough training, learning the right pacing, and always aiming to improve. Every breath I took, every bead of sweat, showed my dedication to crossing that finish line and taking on the next big thing.

Yet, my achievements weren't just about the numbers, although they were significant. A coveted full Ironman triathlon, six half Ironman triathlons, five exhausting yet exhilarating marathons, and numerous shorter races that each held their own unique challenges and rewards.
Behind each medal and race bib was a story - of perseverance, of breaking boundaries, of triumphs and setbacks. These weren't mere accolades but chapters of a book that chronicled my dedication, resilience, and sheer love for the sport. Each footfall, each pedal stroke, each swim stroke was a tribute to the athlete within, a spirit that was as tireless as it was passionate.

Start Mom Life: Ups and Downs

However, when motherhood came into my life, it didn't just sneak in quietly; it made a grand, all-consuming entrance. Suddenly, I was swept up in a storm of emotions. From the pure joy of holding my child for the first time to the heavy weight of new responsibilities, from the highs and lows of worries over small things to the dreams filled with both hope and uncertainty — my heart and mind were flooded with feelings, painting a colorful picture of motherhood.

Those early days were a maze. My newborn's cries set the rhythm of my days and nights. Every cry was like a puzzle to solve, every smile was a moment to cherish, and every look felt like a wordless chat between us. Their constant need to feed reminded me of the big role I had in their little world. With days blending into nights and constant feedings setting the pace, I was getting a real sense of the incredible journey I'd started on.
One of the most profound experiences for me was breastfeeding. In fact, it was an experience unlike any other. Each time wasn't just about feeding; it felt like a dance of deep connection. Holding my baby close, feeling their tiny hands, and enjoying those quiet moments together said so much without words. In these times, the strength of our bond hit me the hardest.

Breastfeeding became more than a necessity; it was a shared moment, a quiet promise between us. Through each feeding, we built our relationship — a mix of dependence, trust, and endless love. This was our silent song, a melody passed from mother to child, a tradition as old as time itself.

A Mom, Also Me, with Momcozy Breast Pump

Yet, even amidst these touching moments, the athlete inside me missed the thrill of the road. I missed the familiar rhythm of my footsteps and the pulse of my heart as it kept pace with each stride. But those early-days breast pumps? They felt more like weights than tools. Their bulky size and need for an outlet made any spontaneous workout a challenge. So, many mornings, before dawn had even broken, I'd be up, pumping diligently for those crucial 15 minutes before lacing up for training.

While I always made do, it was when I was prepping for a 100-mile bike ride that I realized if I wanted to be an athlete and a mom, something had to change. At this point, though, my budget and available options left me without the convenience of a wearable pump. So, with a bit of innovation and determination, I strapped a big pump to my bike using Velcro. And while it may have looked absurd, it got the job done.

That little workaround, however, was just the tip of the iceberg. Training for marathons, especially in dreamy places like Big Sur, became a balancing act that was harder than any race I'd ever run. My days were filled with planning—nutrition charts, hydration reminders, workout schedules, and of course, breastfeeding. It felt like walking a tightrope, with just a small nudge away from chaos.

Then, the winds of change breezed into my life, carrying with them the whispers of the wearable breast pump. A group of fellow mothers couldn't stop raving about Momcozy, and their enthusiastic reviews drew parallels with the other upscale pumps. So, I was intrigued and decided to dive in and explore the M5 breast pump they launched this year. Let me tell you! The decision to try the Momcozy M5 breast pump was, and still is, one of the best I've ever made.

Suddenly, the world felt more accessible. This hands-free, affordably priced breast pump was more than just a device; it was a bridge to my dual identity. Whether I was pedaling away, lost in the rhythm of a half Ironman, warming up for a marathon, or driving through the silent streets to the pool, the Momcozy M5 was right there with me. Its compact design meant it could slide into a small lunchbox or even the pocket of my bike jersey, always ready, always discreet.

The joy it brought was multifaceted. Not only did it ensure my baby was fed, but it also reinstated the semblance of my pre-motherhood days. And isn't that what most of us yearn for? A slice of our past seamlessly merging with our present?

Today, when I look at my journey, I see a tapestry of roles— a mother, an athlete, a nurturer, and a dreamer. And as I pen down this chapter of my life, I'm enveloped with gratitude for innovations like the Momcozy pump. For some, it might just be another gadget, but for me, it represents balance, freedom, and the empowering ability to choose.

In the end, my children are the four most beautiful reasons I celebrate life every day. But in between those moments of pure maternal bliss, there are times when the wind blows through my hair, the road stretches endlessly ahead, and I rediscover myself, one step at a time. Thanks to my trusty Momcozy M5, I've realized that I don't have to be just a mother or just an athlete. I can be both, and that is where my strength, joy, and essence lie!

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