10 Cool Tips for Summer Breastfeeding: Beat the Heat and Nurture Your Baby

10 Cool Tips for Summer Breastfeeding: Beat the Heat and Nurture Your Baby

As the summer sun shines brightly, parents with young babies may find themselves navigating the challenges of breastfeeding in the heat. The warm weather brings unique considerations for nursing moms, from staying hydrated to keeping your baby comfortable. In this blog, we'll share a collection of practical and refreshing tips to help you enjoy a cool and enjoyable breastfeeding experience during the summer. No matter where you live, these tips will help you beat the heat and breastfeed your baby with ease.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for educational purposes only, not medical or safety advice. Please consult your lactation consultant or healthcare provider with any questions or concerns. Always err on the side of caution when venturing outside with your baby during the hot summer months.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Staying well-hydrated is essential for both you and your little one. Keep a water bottle within reach wherever you go, and make it a habit to take regular sips throughout the day. Remember, breastfeeding can increase your body's fluid needs, so drink up to stay cool and maintain a healthy milk supply. If you find yourself dreading the boring taste of plain water, mix it up by adding fresh fruit or herbs to your water. Find fun and delicious fruit-infused water recipes here!

Did you know several studies have shown that healthy infants do not need additional water during their first 6 months if they are exclusively breastfed, even in a hot climate? Breast milk itself is 88% water and is enough to satisfy a baby's thirst! (Source)

Dress for Comfort

Opt for lightweight and breathable clothing that allows easy access for breastfeeding. Choose loose-fitting tops made of natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo, as they are gentle on your skin and promote better airflow. Don't forget to wear a supportive bra that offers comfort and easy nursing access. Check out the Momcozy nursing bra collection to find your perfect summer nursing bra!

Seek Shade or Create Your Own

When venturing outdoors, find shady spots to breastfeed your baby comfortably. Seek out parks with shaded areas or bring along a large umbrella or sunshade to create your own oasis of shade. It is important to limit your baby’s exposure to direct sunlight. Babies under the age of six months should stay out of direct sunlight and babies over six months of age should have limited time in direct sunlight. Consider wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat for both yourself and your baby when out in the sun. By shielding yourself and your baby from direct sunlight, you'll both stay cooler and protected from harmful UV rays.  

Time It Right

Plan your outdoor activities during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon. The temperatures are typically more comfortable during these times, reducing the risk of overheating for you and your baby. Plus, you and your baby can still enjoy the fresh air and gentle breeze while breastfeeding without overheating.

Stay Cool Indoors

On scorching hot days, it's wise to retreat to an air-conditioned space to breastfeed. Set up a cozy corner with a fan or air conditioner to create a cool environment. You can also place a damp towel or use a cooling mist spray on your face and neck for instant relief. Your baby can also benefit from putting a damp towel on their back or spraying a light mist on them to stay cool.

Use Cooling Accessories

Make use of cooling accessories to help beat the heat. Freeze washcloths or reusable gel packs and place them on your neck, wrists, or forehead before breastfeeding. These simple hacks can provide instant cooling sensations to help regulate your and your baby’s body temperature in the heat of summer.

Take Cool Showers or Baths

A refreshing shower or bath can work wonders for both your physical and mental well-being. Before nursing, indulge in a quick cool shower or soak in a lukewarm bath to lower your body temperature. The cooling effect will help you feel more comfortable while breastfeeding.

Enjoy Hydrating Snacks

Nourish yourself with hydrating foods that can help replenish your fluids. Snack on juicy fruits like watermelon, cucumber slices, or chilled grapes. These tasty treats not only provide hydration but also offer essential vitamins and minerals for you and your baby.

Carry a Portable Fan

Invest in a portable hand-held fan or a small clip-on fan that can provide instant relief during outdoor breastfeeding sessions. You can attach the fan to your baby’s car seat or stroller to help keep them cool but also use it during nursing sessions. Having constant airflow on you and your baby can make a huge difference when trying to stay cool. These compact fans are convenient to carry in your bag and can be a lifesaver on hot and humid days.

Embrace Breathable Nursing Covers

If you prefer using nursing covers while breastfeeding in public, opt for lightweight and breathable covers made of natural fabrics. It’s easy for your baby to get overheated while under a nursing cover so be sure to look for covers with ventilation panels or choose designs that provide ample airflow to ensure you and your baby remain safe and comfortable.

In Summary

Breastfeeding during the summer months doesn't have to be a sweaty affair. Following these summer breastfeeding tips lets you stay cool, comfortable, and connected with your baby while enjoying the sunny season. Remember, every parent and baby is unique, so don't hesitate to adapt these tips to suit your specific needs. Stay hydrated, dress for comfort, seek shade, and create a cool oasis wherever you go. With these strategies in place, you can navigate the summer heat with confidence and nurture your baby with love.

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