What If You Have to Go Away During the Breastfeeding Period

What If You Have to Go Away During the Breastfeeding Period

It is important to stay with a new baby for all time. But sometimes you will need to be away from your baby for a short period of time. Perhaps you have to travel on business, or there is a emergency issue you must resolve right now. That will force you to leave your baby for a while. This doesn't have to mean weaning, however.

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If you are a nursing mom, there are some steps you can take to ensure you and your baby can deal well with this period in schedule.

Here are a few tips for moms.


1. Store Extra Milk for Baby

The first thing you should consider is how long you will be gone and how much milk your baby may take. You will begin pumping extra milk daily to be stored and used to feed your baby while you are on your trip. However, your baby will eat more weekly, which means you may have to pump more frequently than usual.

Typically, a woman has more milk after a nap. Many moms find that it is easiest to pump milk in the morning when their supply is higher.

After that, store your milk in a freezer-safe containers. Your babysitter or another family member can warm up for your baby when he or she is hungry.

If your baby is not used to bottle feeding. Don’t worry. You can ask your husband or other family member to offer the bottle. And it is recommended to introduce the bottle to your baby before you leave.

Bty, remember leaving behind an article of clothing of yours, like a shirt, just to remind baby of your existence and your smell.


2. Keep Up Your Milk Supply Schedule

While away, if you plan on nursing your baby when you get back, remember to keep up your milk supply. You'll need to find a pump that works well for you. And electric breast pump will be the best choice. You'll need to pump as often as your baby usually nurses, if possible. The pumping will cause your body to believe it is still nursing and continue to produce milk on a regular basis.

Many women find it helpful to take along a picture of their baby to look at while pumping or a blanket that has their smell. It is a good idea to use the same blanket during a couple of feedings before leaving and take this with you. You might want to wear nursing pads throughout the day to catch any leaking that may occur.


3. Take Some Comfort Techniques

Not being able to nurse as frequently can cause painful engorgement for some women. The breasts feel sore, tender and hard in some areas.

Pumping the milk out can help out tremendously, but you may still want to employ some comfort techniques for your own benefit.

Take a warm compress, such as a hand towel moist with warm water and place on your breasts. After a few minutes of direct heat, take some natural oil, such as sweet almond oil and gently massage the lumps in your breasts. This will help the milk flow easier and is a good time to pump some milk out.

After massaging the breasts, a cold pack might help reduce discomfort and pain. A hot or cold shower can replace the hot or cold packs if you wish. 


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