How to Select the Best Breast Pump For Your Needs

wearable breast pump

For many reasons, a breast pump is one of the essential items for a mom. Indeed, it will be a better ally if the baby has difficulty in latching if he was born prematurely or if the mother just wants to have a little time for herself while the father is feeding the baby with a bottle. A breast pump is a small device used to suck the milk of a breastfeeding mother to then give it to her baby later. The extraction mode imitates the baby's sucking; it is an efficient and rapid solution for a baby to still benefit from his breast milk. It is imperative to choose the right model, perfectly suited to each woman's needs and expectations. Currently, you will find on the market a multitude of models ranging from manual to electric, single to double pumping, or even wearable breast pump. In short, in this breast pump guide, we will discuss how to choose the best breast pump for your needs.

 wearable breast pump

How to choose the best breast pump:

If you are looking for the best wearable breast pump, don’t rely on your friend or sister's choice. Every woman has their own needs that may not match your needs. Indeed, what works for one woman may not work for another. We are all different in our day to day lives, and we all have our own obstacles and challenges. It is advisable to choose the equipment taking into account that suits your needs. If you plan to express your milk only occasionally, a manual device is sufficient. On the other hand, for intensive use, hand free breast pump model is strongly recommended. A double-pumped breast pump will be even more effective if you are short on time.

So, to help you make the best choice for your breast pump, here is a list of the main criteria to check before buying a breast pump, whether electric or manual. Of course, the list is not exhaustive, but should already help you target a few models in particular.


How often do you want to express your milk?

This question is essential when choosing your breast pump. If you only use it occasionally, a manual breast pump is an ideal option. On the other hand, if you want to express your milk regularly, instead, buy an electric breast pump for its speed. There are two types of electric breast pumps: single pump or double pump. The double pumping version allows you to express milk from your two breasts simultaneously; everything goes twice as fast.


Check several sizes of the breast shield.

It is essential to know that most breast pumps are one size fits all. That is to say that the nipple, which will make it, is not interchangeable. Its size will remain standard, which is 24 or 25mm. However, it is essential to have a nipple adapted to the size of your nipple. Not only to obtain a correct performance but also to avoid the pain or irritation that a too small or too large nipple could cause. From one size to another, the time spent and the amount of expressed milk will have nothing to do with it! 



If you intend to turn your breasts into “Milky Niagara Falls,” you should choose a breast pump accordingly. Indeed, some pumps are designed for occasional use, and this is the case with manual breast pumps, while others have been designed to provide several sessions per day, such as a wearable breast pump. So knowing how often you are going to express your milk each day will help you choose the type of breast pump you need. If you want to express milk from both breasts simultaneously and want to spend as little time as possible, you should consider purchasing a dual pump.


What mode of power?

In the case of an electric model, if you have expressed enough milk in advance to have a sufficient supply of milk in the freezer, you are not likely to be worried about a power failure. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you run with a battery-powered breast pump. We also recommend that you always have a manual breast pump on hand to deal with various eventualities, especially if your electric model breaks down.


Choose a simple model.

One thing's for sure, you don't want to buy a breast pump that looks like a puzzle when it comes to taking it apart for cleaning, and you certainly don't want to spend an hour washing it. So go for something simple and dishwasher safe, if possible.



Some breast pumps have a bottle that can hold up to 300ml of breast milk. Also, if you breastfeed your baby regularly, a 125ml or 150ml capacity model might be perfect for you.


Choose wearable breast pump

They are more popular for regular use; the wearable breast pump is more efficient and faster. It allows easy adjustment of the suction force, which will, at the same time, avoid the risk of pain while giving you the possibility of having your hands free. Also, the complete models allow better conservation of milk. Fifteen minutes are enough to express a good quantity of milk. In addition, an electric breast pump allows breast milk to be pumped at a stable rate, which is less obvious with a manual breast pump. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.



You are returning to work, your baby is premature or unable to breastfeed, or you may just feel the need to breathe. For various reasons, a breast pump can become a precious ally for any mother who finds herself separated from her child for a few hours and who still wishes to breastfeed. In short, the breast pump can be an effective solution. Besides, you will be able to have time to sleep properly at night while the dad goes to bottle-feed the baby. With a breast pump, you will always be sure to offer the best for your child when it comes to nutrition.  With this guide, you will find the best breast pump perfectly suited to your needs.

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