Breastfeeding Baby – Minor Common Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding Baby – Minor Common Breastfeeding Problems

With anything new you are trying, you may experience some problems. This relates to breastfeeding as well. It is something your body hasn’t done before and so there are chances you may incur some problems during this time.

It is extremely common. A study done in The United States found that more than 90% of mothers face problems in the first week of their breastfeeding.

This is why you should not be worried. All you need to do is know how to take care of these problems in case they arise. There are solutions to everything.

Here is a short guide on common breastfeeding problems and how you can solve them

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Problem #1. It Is Causing You Pain Because Of Improper Latching

If you are new to breastfeeding then this is something you will experience at first. This is because your nipples are not used to this and it will take them some time to get used to your baby’s latch.

While it shouldn't be this way, many mothers face this problem because the baby is not latching on properly to the nipple. This leads to discomfort and pain. Don't worry though you can solve this problem.

Solution: Before you start breastfeeding, you need to ensure that your baby is opening their mouth extremely wide. If they are not then to do this you can first rub your nipple above the mouth so they can open it widely.

Don't try to put your breast in your baby's mouth when doing this. Let them be the ones to come to you. How can you tell if they are latching right? If your nipple is covered properly and their chin is in contact with your breast.

That is when you know they are latching right and once they do your pain will soon go away.

Problem #2. Low Supply Of Breast Milk

This is also a common problem and the first week will be the hardest. You may not be producing enough milk to meet your baby’s needs but you need to give your body time to adapt to this new normal.

You may be worried that your baby is not getting enough food but do remember that it is only a cause for concern if your baby is losing weight suddenly and looks dehydrated.

If there are no such signs then you don’t need to worry because your baby is being fed adequately. However, if you are still worried your supply is too low then you can increase it.

Solution: In the first week of breastfeeding, add a pumping session of twenty minutes in between your nursing session. Use a hands-free breast pump bra for this so you can continue doing what you want while your breast pumps the milk in the containers for you.

This will increase your milk supply because it will make sure your breasts are empty. Once they are empty, your body will automatically start producing more to fill them up again.

This is because at first your baby may not feel hungry so frequently and so your breasts will not be empty. After a while, they will constantly require milk and your body needs to meet this requirement. To prepare for this, you need a hands free breast pump bra so you can keep producing enough.

Problem #3. Leaking Breasts

When your milk comes in, it is highly likely that you will experience leaks. Especially during the beginning of your breastfeeding. Anything can cause this leaking from lying down in a certain position to any unexpected event.

This may also happen at the oddest of times. However, leaking is only a problem for the first two months. After that, it automatically goes away. While you are experiencing this problem, you can take some steps to control it.

Solution: Don't waste this milk. Instead, just attach a breast pumping bra so your milk can be collected in them and they don't have to be wasted. Don't worry, the entire point of this bra is so that you can wear it anywhere and do whatever you like while your breasts and the bra do their thing.

All you will have to do is secure the bra in place and it will automatically collect all the leaking milk without you having to do anything! It is as simple as that.

Problem #4. Thrush Infection

This is an infection that is present in the mouth of the baby and while you are breastfeeding, it can spread to you too. One way to notice that you have thrush is your nipples are flaky, shiny, and white.

Apart from this, you may be experiencing a high level of pain in your breasts or a deep need for constant itching.

Solution: This is an infection and not something you should try to solve on your own. If you experience these symptoms then you must seek immediate medical care.

Usually, the doctor will give you antifungal medicine. You will probably have to put this topical medication on your breast and the baby's mouth so both of you can heal.

If you don’t seek medical help for this immediately then you will keep passing the infection back and forth and this can cause further problems to you and your body.

You will also be provided with instructions from the doctor to make some changes in your lifestyle so that you don't contract the infection again. Follow these for your health and your baby's.

Final Words

These problems are extremely common and not a cause for major concern. You just need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to solve these minor issues so you can have a relaxed breastfeeding experience.

If you are worried about milk supply or leaking then just get a breast pumping bra and see the difference it makes to your overall level of milk production. It will solve all such problems and that will be one thing you won’t need to worry about. After all, you have enough on your plate already.

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