Momcozy S9 Wearable Pump
Momcozy S9 Pink Pump
Momcozy S9 Green Pump
Momcozy S9 Hands Free Breast Pump
Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump
Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump
Momcozy S9 Wireless Pump
Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump
Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump
Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump
Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump

Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump

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Free pump, Free life

If, invisible pumping? Born to help moms to go back to normal lives or work as before.
Momcozy S9 hands-free pump is light, compact, and wireless enough for invisible wearing to move around. This wearable breast pump is rechargeable for consistent use of 3-4 sessions, 5 intensity levels cater to each breast to get valid milking. Normal lives or nursing is no more an either-or question, get both.

Product Features


Cordless and Hands-Free

Worn inside a standard nursing bra, pump wherever, whenever with your own hands free breast pump. No messy or tangled cords to hold you back or get in the way.
Made for multitasking moms, you don't have to waste any time away from your baby. Take good care of your baby and get you back to natural life


Makes Going Out a Breeze

Weighing just 1 pound, whether around the house or on a trip, or to and from the office, the portable wearable pump could be a good option.
The rechargeable battery lasts about 80 minutes (one charge for 3-4 using times) and comes with a USB charging cable — great for using in the car and other places where you might not have access to a regular outlet.


BPA free and Easy Clean

The milk cup is made of food-grade BPA-free silicone and just five parts to assemble and clean. A little hot soapy water and a bottle brush will complete the cleaning.


Maintain & Increase Supply

2 modes of massage and expression with 10 intensity levels in total, make sure it will not only do the work but also stay comfortable for you. it renders up to hospital grade 300mmHg suction to get valid milking


At Momcozy, we provide a breast pump flange size chart for you. You can find the correct size through the chart. 

Momcozy's default flange size is 24mm, and 17mm/19mm/21mm inserts and 27mm flange size are also available for purchase. You can purchase it here

Your breasts may change between the third trimester and after giving birth. Also, your breasts may change through your breast pumping journey, so it's important to regularly check your flange size.

Unsure of your size? Check out our exhaustive guide on how to measure your flange size

Our hands-free breast pump is designed to be worn with your standard nursing bra. For a better pumping experience, make sure there is no space between the breast pump and your breast, and it cannot be moved easily.
If your bra isn't flexible enough, you can use a bra adjuster to create more room.

You can find Momcozy's nursing bras here

* Washable parts:
Valve/Linker/Diaphragm/Flange/Milk Collector

1. Rinse all separated parts that come in contact with breast and breast milk in 25-30 °C (77-86 °F) water to remove breast milk residue.

2. Once rinsed, parts that have touched the breast or breast milk should be placed in a clean wash basin used only for washing infant feeding equipment.

・Soak all washable parts in 40-60 °C (104-140 °F), soapy water for 3~5 minutes.
・Wash each part with a clean dishcloth or soft brush.
・Rinse all separated parts with clear water.

3. Place parts on a clean surface or towel.

・Allow all parts to air dry.
・Store dry parts in a clean, cool place when not in use.
・Do not store wet or damp parts.
Caution: Only use drinking-quality water for cleaning.

Some breast pump accessories do need replacing regularly to maintain performance. If you notice that your pump seems to have lost suction, the first thing you should do is take a look at your parts, particularly the valves, and inspect for wear, fraying, or stretching and replace if needed.

1. Valve membranes and duck valves need to be replaced every 2 months;
2. Backflow protector diaphragms need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months
3. Replace breast shields every 6 months

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