Double 2-in-1 Warming Vibration Lactation Massager
Double Lactation Massager
Double Lactation Massager
Double Lactation Massager
Double Lactation Massager
Double Lactation Massager
Double Lactation Massager

Double 2-in-1 Warming Vibration Lactation Massager

Sale price$57.99 USD
BPA Free
Warming & Vibration
Scraping Board Design
IPX7 Waterproof

How to “phew” at breastfeeding or pumping?

No matter if you are a breastfeeding or pumping mom, your tortured breasts will thank you for getting them this breast lactation massager. With 2 modes of warming and massaging and 6 intensities for each mode, it can relieve clogged ducts and mastitis while encouraging better let-down. One tiny gadget, “phew” for you, “phew” for your baby.


Relieve Clogged Ducts

Inspired by the Gua Sha tool, a tool for traditional Chinese therapy, this massager owns 3 different facets of a different use for different kinds of massage, which can unclog the ducts with less pain and alleviate all breastfeeding issues such as the engorgement, mastitis, etc.

Encourage Let-down

Less clogged ducts, more milk let-down. Softer breast, better latching for your baby, this is what it can bring to you. Wearable and tiny to fit into bras, hand-freely easy to use at each breastfeeding or pumping.

Warm/massage Mode

2 mode and 6 intensity for each mode, suit for even the tenderest breasts. BPA-free material, safe for both moms and babies.

Lactation Massager Details

IPX7 Waterproof

The high waterproof level can stand not only spray, and sprinkle but also shower water. Get yourself a relaxing shower break, moms.

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