Pump, work and care like never before

Why not put your mind at ease?

Juggling multiple things to keep the family running is all too often the daily routine of moms. If you want to handle all the tasks with grace and effciency, you don't want to miss our baby monitor. Because let's face it, you cannot be around your baby 24/7, but with a baby monitor, there is one thing for sure - always get the reassurance that your baby is safe and fine.

The awards we proudly received...

Momcozy has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the NAPPA Awards® and Mom’s Choice Awards®

Installation is a breeze

A perfect blend of the latest smart technology and simplicity.
It can be used in two convenient ways – wall-mounted or stand-alone. Moms will rave about how easy it is to use from the very start.

Alleviate mental stress

It's already exhausting for moms to keep up with everything. Our baby monitor is here to lift your mental burden about the safety of your baby.

Our baby monitor is a great helper for busy moms.

Balancing childcare, family and sometimes work is really demanding. That's why we want to help moms in our way - by allowing moms to regian peace of mind and improve efficiency with the help of our baby monitor.
Moms, just embrace the hassle-free user exprience - from installing, monitoring and recharging. You will find our baby monitor such a neat helper.

All-round field of view

Adjust the angle of the camera on the parent unit without disturbing your sleeping baby.

Non-wifi & hack-proof

No WIFI needed, no APP required, no privacy will ever be violated.

Two-way talk system

Soothe your little one with your voice when you're not around.

Temperature alert

Receive prompt alert when the temperature falls outside of the pre-set range.

Clear and detailed view

Keep tabs on your kid around the whole house thanks to the 1080p camera& 5'' large screen.

Connect up to 4 cameras

Set the cameras up in different rooms - for your baby, your toddler and even your pet!

Products to buy with
Extra layer of security
Set up a little play area for your baby with our safety gate and baby monitor. So you can get involved in other tasks around the house when you need to.
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Achieve both grace and efficiency
Whether you are working, reading or pumping, you will know what your baby is up to. It's the best combo to improve efficiency without compromising your grace.
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