#WBW2022: Navigating Your World Breastfeeding Week Journey

#WBW2022: Navigating Your World Breastfeeding Week Journey

History of World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week(WBW) is a global campaign that is held every year from August 1st to 7th to raise awareness and galvanize action on themes related to breastfeeding. It was first celebrated in 1992 by the organization World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) in about 70 countries.

The organization, World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) was formed in 1991 based on the Innocenti Declaration, which recognizes that breastfeeding is a unique process for it provides ideal nutrition for infants and contributes to their healthy growth. With the promotion of the WABA, WHO, UNICEF, and their partners including individuals, organizations, and governments, every year more and more nursing moms participate in this campaign which came up with the goal of exclusive breastfeeding for six months of the newborns, and now WBW is observed in over 170 countries.

Momcozy and World Breastfeeding Week

Navigating Your World Breastfeeding Week Journey - Momcozy Blog

In the destined 2021, we joined World Breastfeeding Week for the first time to partner with the photographer Alicia Samone. 255 moms got together and shared their breastfeeding stories. No matter where they are from, their breastfeeding experiences often have several points in common.

During World Breastfeeding Week last year, 58 moms shared their breastfeeding stories as part of our Facebook giveaway event. 

“Being a first-time mom is such a challenging and wonderful adventure! Let’s be honest, us mommas can use all the help we can get! Looking for the best journey possible for my son and I, love the momcozy product line!” - Charlotte

“I absolutely dreaded feeding time but once I overcame that rough patch I was able to enjoy those quiet, special moments nursing my baby. Now I am 28 weeks pregnant with baby girl and I look forward to this journey all over again.” - Kayla

“I have 3-week old twins and it has been one of the hardest things I have done. I had no clue that exclusively pumping was even an option. This shows how everyone's journey is different and what works for you and your babies is the best choice.” - Jenna

This year in 2022, we still showed up on time. In the future, Momcozy will try to join the WBW every year and contribute to the warm chain.

Navigating Your World Breastfeeding Week Journey - Momcozy Blog Post

Why Momcozy is so faithful to World Breastfeeding Week?

Because breastfeeding is very important.

Before the birth of your baby, one of your foremost considerations will probably be whether you intend to breastfeed. It is an incredibly monumental decision, because a baby will exclusively consume milk for the first few months of their life, and even then milk will comprise an important part of their diet. It is such a personal choice, but it is always helpful to understand the purpose and significance of breastfeeding, and the positive impact it has not only upon the baby but on the mother as well.

The impact of breastfeeding on babies and their mothers has been extensively researched, and many of these studies have discovered various benefits:

  • Antibodies– It has been found that breast milk contains antibodies that provide a baby with protection against viruses and bacteria before their immune system has properly developed.
  • Immunity– Some indications breastfed babies may have improved immunity from diseases and illnesses such as respiratory infections and intestinal issues.
  • Weight– One study demonstrated that babies who were breastfed for several months had a reduced likelihood of becoming overweight or obese.
  • Uterus– During pregnancy, the mother’s uterus expands considerably, and after childbirth, it gradually returns to its original size. Breastfeeding encourages contractions that quicken this process.
  • Bonding– Breastfeeding is a wonderful opportunity for mothers to bond physically and emotionally with their babies, and vice versa.

            There’s More Than One Approach

            The beauty of breastfeeding is that there are so many different ways to do it, especially with modern developments and technological innovations. There are actually more options out there than you might have initially thought. The following are just some of the options that you can explore if you want your baby to have breast milk:

            Breastfeeding – As the name implies, this is exclusively breastfeeding your baby. Getting the right attachment and positioning is crucial to making sure that it is as comfortable for you and your baby as possible.

            Pumping – There is where you express your milk with an electric or manual pump, and then feed it to your baby through a bottle. This is a brilliant solution if you struggle with breastfeeding directly, either because of discomfort or other family and work commitments.

            Combination Feeding – Some mothers struggle to exclusively provide their babies with breast milk. Instead, they will feed their baby a combination of formula milk and breast milk. The breast milk can either be pumped or given directly.

            Wearable Breast Pumps 

            Pumping breast milk is a wonderful alternative to breastfeeding, as it means that you can nourish your baby with breast milk even if you can’t breastfeed because of discomfort, family constraints, or work commitments. Wearable breast pumps, in particular, have absolutely transformed the breastfeeding journeys of countless mothers. It is simply worn inside your bra, without any tubes or cords getting in the way, which means that you can pump whilst you’re walking around, working, driving, taking care of your other children, or just enjoying some moments to yourself.

            They are unparalleled when it comes to convenience and practicality, especially because they don’t affect your mobility in the way that non-wearable breast pumps would. What’s more, they’re quite discreet so you can go about your day without making it obvious that you are pumping. The more sophisticated models are surprisingly quiet as well, without compromising on the suction strength, so that you can pump away without distracting yourself or others. 

            Navigating Your World Breastfeeding Week Journey - Momcozy Article

            Celebrating Breastfeeding

            Breastfeeding is something that should be celebrated not only during World Breastfeeding Week, but during every moment of a mother’s breastfeeding journey. It is a complete source of nourishment for your baby, offering a myriad of physical and emotional benefits not only for the baby but for you as well.

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