6 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Postpartum Body

6 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Postpartum Body

Motherhood is indeed a marvel, and the idea of a tiny, sweet-smelling newborn that can fit in the palms of your hand is an image a mother keeps close to her heart. It’s no secret that becoming a mother is the most exciting time of a woman's life. However, it can also be difficult, and some issues don't get discussed enough when it comes to postpartum self-care. 

Among the list of items is the postpartum body. Too often, worth gets tangled up in weight and image. But, we are here to tell you that there is an easier, better way to view yourself after you've given birth. So, from this point on, there will be no more putting yourself down for not immediately losing the unwanted body weight (that's an order, pal!). Instead, we'll give you tips on how to fall in love with your postpartum body because you deserve all of the love. 

#1. Get Settled in with your Newborn

The first and most important aspect is getting settled in with your newborn. Whether you’re a new mom or a pro, you'll realize quickly that the first few months with your baby are vital for bonding. So, do just that! Spend this time focusing on feeling that connection and learning everything about your little bundle. 

Plus, you'll likely feel a little off-kilter with your new schedule. Babies eat and need diaper changes often, which doesn't fit into three meals per day, wake up at seven, or go to bed at nine adult agenda. So, take this time to bond and get used to your combined routine, and let your body acclimate to the busyness that is your new life. Then, once everything is calm and you have a good idea of your time management, you can start to focus on admiring your postpartum body. 

#2. Understand Body Changes After Pregnancy

It's not surprising that pregnant women are some of the most avid readers and researchers. They want to know everything happening, how the baby grows each week, and what to expect during these special nine months, where the body goes through numerous, crazy, and remarkable changes. And just as it's essential to know what to expect during pregnancy, it's equally important to know what happens to your body afterward. 

Grab some reading material on the body modifications that women go through after they've given birth. It's not only intriguing; it puts things into perspective and can be vital in learning to respect and love your postpartum body. 

PSA: You just gave birth to a whole human! And quite frankly, that fact should never be diminished by anything or anyone. The changes happen for good reasons, and feeling proud about every transformation from beginning to end is okay. 

#3. Join A Community Of Other Mothers

If any group of people in the world is most willing to help others, it's mothers. Especially on the motherhood topic, moms are ready and willing to give advice and information on how they made it through their postpartum stages.  

Sometimes, it's incredible to get support from others who have been through the same things. Go to any social media platform, and you're sure to find many groups to join with multiple resources to answer your questions. You'll be surprised at how these groups function and rally around mothers who need help. 

#4. Start A Good Self-Care Routine

When you become a mother, it's true that most of your time goes to that precious little being, and its diapers…lots of diapers. However, it can have adverse effects if you don't take some much-needed time for self-care. So, finding a routine that helps you love yourself should be at the top of your list.

Here are some things you can filter into your routine to assist you in making that transition to loving your postpartum body. 

  • Eat healthy foods:Mothers are notoriously known for being on the go, but there's no shame in slipping in some healthy foods. Listen to your body! It will likely tell you what you need. 
  • Change negative body thoughts: Being aware of your negative thoughts can be difficult sometimes, but if you're ready to love your body, you'll need to start catching those pesky negatives that keep you down. Whenever you think something negative about yourself, mentally list five positive things to take its place. 
  • Take Walks:When you're ready, try and work walking into your routine. Doing this will get you outside and exposed to nature. It's not only good for you, but it's also suitable for your little one. 
  • Start a journal: Writing down your thoughts and feelings is therapeutic. It helps you work through rough patches and lets you get things out that would otherwise be stuck inside. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Don't try on your pre-pregnancy clothes. Instead, find some comfy clothes that will allow you to be free and feel cozy. 
  • Set goals: There's nothing wrong with setting some goals. Doing this can be incredibly helpful in your postpartum journey. Just make sure that you start small and work your way upwards. 
  • Write A letter: Write a letter to your postpartum body thanking it for going through all the changes. Doing this can put things into a new perspective when you list all the changes you've been through and why they had to change. 

#5. Say Affirmations 

Affirmations are potent and saying them has a positive effect on your brain and gives you the ability to transform your thought process. Since our brains learn from repetition, voicing positive self-talk aloud can alter your subconscious thoughts altogether, and the most significant thing is that you can make them up yourself. 

For example, you could say, I will think positively about my body after all the changes it underwent to make a baby. I'm proud of my body, and that will never change. It's easy and fun, and it can spin a would-be negative situation into a positive, body-loving life.

#6. Embrace your postpartum Body

Last but not least- Embrace! Embrace! Embrace! While embracing your postpartum body seems complicated, think about this: Every change you underwent was for a specific reason. Your body is an intricate machine that produced another human life; there's so much respect to be given for that achievement.

While you're busy embracing, don't forget to be patient! You had to endure nine months of changes, and transformation won't happen overnight. So, give yourself a break and pat on the back, and enjoy every inch of your body through every single phase. You're a mother, you deserve to feel good. 

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