4 Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Top 4 Useful Baby Shower Gifts: Clothes, Towels, Diapers, Blankets
Any good baby shower will have a moment dedicated to opening the gifts, but finding the right surprise to give a mother-to-be is not so easy.

The party star usually receives adorable little practical and useful items for her baby. However, it is not easy to know which birth gifts will be useful to them or for a first child's mother. It is easy to fall into the trap of the " cute gift quickly but without much use.”
What have parents already bought? Are they well prepared? What is their favorite color? So many questions and so few answers! To find the perfect baby shower gift, you need to think about what you would like to give and how you would like to give it. Most of the time, the gift falls under the category of baby clothes and cares products, but the gift's composition is just as important! We'll walk you through the most useful baby shower gifts and then inspire you to give the perfect baby gift!
Choose a baby shower gift according to your own tastes
If no birth list has been made, it is up to you to choose which baby shower gift you will give. You have no idea what could make future parents happy, the unborn baby, or what they would need to avoid duplicating other presents? Don't panic; we'll give you lots of useful or cute ideas that surely please the growing family.

Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts 
  1. Baby clothes 

Here is a sure value: clothes. Baby clothes are classic but still useful if well chosen. The babies regurgitate, which can quickly spoil a pretty outfit. So do not hesitate to offer future parents clothes that are practical to put on (especially if they are first-time mothers, it is not always easy to handle a newborn) and comfortable for the infant. The Small pajamas, bodysuits, and bibs sets are a great choice! We use tons of them when the baby arrives!

Avoid the birth size (50 cm) because newborns wear them for a short time. Also, don’t choose large sizes too. Choose the size 3 months or 6 months so that the child can wear them immediately, especially think about the garment's practical side and the season. For a bodysuit or pajamas, choose models that open at the front (the baby is then easier to handle). Most of the mothers-to-be receive baby shower gifts that are mostly clothes that he could never wear because they are unsuitable. The most convenient piece of clothing to give a newborn baby boy is pajamas, not a pant-top set, because, at that age, they don't really wear them yet.

Tip: If you want to give clothes as a birth gift, aim for a size larger than smaller. Take a minimum of 1 month, the 3 months being a safe bet. Some babies are born "strong" and no longer fit into "birth" sizes, even in the maternity ward.

  1. Baby hooded towel

Bath time is one of the most important and exciting activities for every parent, called to reassure the newborn and make him feel pampered with a warm and comfortable hug. The baby hooded towel is an indispensable accessory in the first months of a baby's life and is very useful for parents to dry it quickly and avoid letting it get cold after a bath. In the baby linen of a newborn baby, a fundamental accessory must never be missing. To dry your baby better after a bath, you need to have a warm and soft baby hooded towel: an indispensable garment to dry it quickly and avoid letting it get cold. As with all the other garments included in the kit, the hooded towel must also be made of top quality materials. It is worth buying it a slightly larger size to wrap completely and easily your child. It ensures maximum comfort for the baby after a relaxing bath.

  1. Diapers and baby washcloths

Are you invited to the baby shower of a baby girl or boy, and are you looking for a gift idea that could please and serve the baby's family?

If you are invited to a friend's baby shower and wondering what to get before the baby arrives, then baby washcloths and diapers are the best and useful gift that you can give to the future mom. You can even make a cake with diapers and baby washcloths that are a useful gift to offer for the new mom! We suggest you make 2 or 3 tier cakes for you, which can even be personalized with blue or pink color.

  1. Baby blanket

To make an original birth gift, consider the small knitted baby blanket or wearable blanket. The baby blanket is baby’s essential for all outings outside and to use on a daily basis, it will be very useful during the first small chills, during baby stroller rides, or simply at home when the baby is in his deckchair.

The baby blanket is a timeless gift; it is part of the unborn baby's birth keychain. Choose a neutral-colored or patterned knitted baby blanket for an original baby shower gift! Choose your baby blanket in a soft material like cotton, plain for classic use, or make an original gift. Whether for a baby shower or birth, we are all looking for a unique gift that will create surprise and amazement. The baby blanket will keep baby warm due to its soft and comfortable texture and please parents with its unique design. This gift will please whatever the occasion and, more particularly, during a newborn's arrival, where baby's sleep is essential.

Tips for choosing a baby shower gift:
  • Choose a neutral baby birth gift: To avoid disappointments or that your gift ends up in the back of a closet, choose a neutral color, pastel, or in the tones of the baby's room!
  • Take advice! Ask for the opinion of parents, relatives, grandparents or sister or brother of the future mother? Do they have a baby shower idea for you? You can also get inspiration by looking at the decoration of the baby boy or girl room prepared by the parents.
  • You can also spoil the parents by offering a birth gift for mom (or dad!), greatly appreciated. 
Bottom line:
Are you going to visit happy future parents soon but have not yet found your original baby shower gift? Make your life easier with Momcozy!
You will find a large number of baby shower gift ideas of all kinds and will be able to compare and evaluate the options available to you: original baby shower gift on a small or large budget, girl or boy.

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