Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size Quickly

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Breast implants certainly are an option, but the high costs associated with it tend to keep many women away. We have good news for you: you can learn how to increase breast size naturally using safe methods that we will teach you here. With our helpful guide, you will be well on your way to enjoying a larger cup size. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


What is the Reason of Smaller Breasts?

Before we try to find out how to get bigger breasts, we should know what are the causes of small breasts in some women? Basically, there are two reasons for the smaller breasts in women, namely, genetic disorder and hormonal disorder around puberty. If the size of your breasts is smaller due to genetic disorder, then usually it is not possible to make them bigger using any medication. But if this problem is due to hormonal disorder or deficiency of estrogens hormone, then it can be treated by proper medications. Every woman can have larger breasts with the right knowledge and a little effort. Here you will find key information that will help you to increase your breast size utilizing a healthy diet, exercise, and natural enhancement creams. Here are some tips that have been tested and proven to work in increasing breast size:


Eat Healthy

Breast tissues need nutrients just like every other cell in your body. If you are not taking care of yourself physically, it could be stunting the growth of breast tissue. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and drink an abundance of water. Healthy cells in the breast area ensure optimal breast size, so it is well worth adopting a healthy diet. It is advisable to stay away or limit tobacco and caffeine usage, as these have been known to decrease breast tissue.


Take Up Exercise

Exercise is good for your body all around, but if you want to increase breast size, exercising the breast area will strengthen the muscles and give the breasts better tone and firmness. The layer of muscle that you will be developing will help give your breasts more of the full look that you desire. If you are concerned about having to go to a gym to work out, the good news is that you don’t have to. You can perform simple exercises at home, such as push-ups, arm circles, and arm pumps. Along with exercise, correct posture will cause your breasts to be full and noticeable, so remember to sit up tall and when walking, straighten your back so that your breasts automatically push out.

Try this out – with both hands on the wall and feet on the ground, push your weight away from the wall. This works on the floor, too. Weights help as well. While lying on the floor with arms stretched to the sides, bring your arms together without allowing them to touch and with elbows slightly bent. This will allow the pectoralis muscles to tense. Don’t forget the weights!


Give Your Breasts a Massage

Massages increase blood circulation, so increasing circulation in the breast area will increase your breast size. Your breasts have receptors that receive blood and estrogen, so it makes sense that the more blood circulation is going on, the faster your breast tissues will grow. You can always have your partner massage your breasts if you’d like. You can use a breast enhancement cream beforehand and have him/her massage your breasts for 30 minutes a day. Be patient, and in time you will begin to notice your breast size increasing as you employ massage and other natural means to increasing your breast size.


Pick the Right Size Bra 

This is a cheat, but it works better than ever for all ladies. If the size of the bra is not right, your boobs are definitely going to look smaller than they actually are. Measure your size and choose the right bra. It will definitely make a great difference in your appearance. You can even go to the mall to get your size checked from the lingerie section. 


Breast Pumps

Breast pumps or breast pumping bra can achieve a moderate increase in volume by the development of breast tissue as a result of slowly stretching skin and soft tissue through vacuum pressure. Breast pump usage is not a procedure that will suit everyone because results are normally only achieved after extensive and consistent use. Not to mention the fact that the suction cups are placed on the breasts and need to stay in place for at least ten hours daily. However, for some women, this routine is not an issue, and when combined with other natural ways to increase breast size, pumps or hands-free breast pump bra can be very useful.


Breast Nutrition

Breast nutrition involves the use of herbal supplements or additives to your daily diet that is designed to stimulate the growth of breast tissue. There are a variety of different natural supplements in the form of pills which can be purchased over the counter and will mimic a reaction similar to that which takes place during puberty.


This causes a hormone change that promotes breast growth. It is also easy to assist breast enlargement by simply ensuring the use of the right herbs in your diet if you prefer not to take pills. The herb fenugreek is known to increase breast volume, while also reducing cholesterol. The phytonutrients which are found in wild yam greatly compliment the nutrients of fenugreek to enhance the breasts further. Saw palmetto is excellent for improved muscle tone and also helps to increase breast size. The use of herbs in your diet can help you achieve a degree of breast enlargement, while also giving many other health benefits. 


Bottom Line:

Combining breast nutrition with one or more of the other methods mentioned, can, over time, produce a significant boost to breast size and shape. Sometimes, noticeable results are apparent in as little as two months. These are just some of the natural ways to increase breast size, but even just using one of the above methods can still deliver some good results in less than six months.

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