How to Lose Weight Fast After Giving Birth

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A week after giving birth, you begin to look at yourself in the mirror. Unfortunately, you do not like what you see. It does not take rocket science to figure out how to lose weight after pregnancy, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Before you decide on embarking on your weight loss journey, be sure that you are ready emotionally. Depression can set in, so you have to always try to look at the bright side. Read up on the internet and learn about other people’s experience post-birth. It’s a challenging time, but with the right motivation, you can pretty much do what needs to be done. Here’s how to lose weight fast after giving birth.


When do you start?

Your workout will not start as you leave the hospital. Your body needs time to rest. That means no strenuous activity. There is some healing that will need to take place first. So your first month is for resting and getting back into the groove of its own biological state.


Set realistic goals

 If you want to lose your baby weight, you have to be disciplined and keep motivated. It might not be easy, but if you have a plan, you can attain your goal eventually. You will also have to make sacrifices and adjust your lifestyle, and meal plan. 

You will also need to have a positive mindset. It all starts with the mind. You need to be focused and determined. If not, you will have already been defeated. You have to visualize your goal and work towards it. There will be days when you do not feel like working out, so your mind will help you to push through it. As stubborn as the weight is, you should be no less than equally stubborn.


Start walking:

In the first six weeks, you should do no exercise; you won’t feel much like it anyway. You have to go through the first series of postpartum checks before you get the OK. If you want to start out with any mode, it should be light walking. This is generally the recommended starting point. You can carry your baby out for some fresh air and sun as well as walk around the block. Your mood will thank you more than your weight initially.


Take a healthy and balanced diet.

You should ensure that you are eating more healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables will automatically improve your diet, the way you feel, the nutrition given to your baby and the weight loss from your body. Do not skip meals. Eat when you are hungry. Grab something like a fruit instead of junk food. Instead of eating large meals; eat smaller portions several times during the day.


You will also need lean meats, grains and lots of protein. The less white food you have, the better; so try to stay away from any noodles, bread or rice that is white: no sodas and processed food. The healthier your food intake is, the better you will feel, the better your baby will be and the better your weight loss process will go.


Start with mild exercise.

You need energy from your diet so that you can operate and function. But you will also need the energy so that you can exercise when the time comes and the doctor permits you to. You will generally start out with mild exercise. Generally, during this time, you will be able to assess what condition your body is in and how much exercise you can take. It will slowly get you into momentum.


You will then transition into aerobic exercise. This will help you to build muscle which burns more fats. Ensure that you are consuming lots of water. This will keep you hydrated and is also good for breastfeeding as well. Remember, your doctor should be informed of any changes in your regimen. Don’t do too much too quickly. Some people take a longer time to recover than others. Also, many moms are under great pressure and strain, especially if they are juggling jobs as well. So eat healthy food and exercise smartly.


After a while, you will start to see the changes. You will feel different, as well. Exercise will improve your mood and health. The exercise will build your strength, and you will start to look better in your wardrobe, even fitting back into our old clothes. Also, you will be able to incorporate exercise that you can do with your baby, and this can make the bonding that much better. There can never be too much time spent with your baby.


Breastfeeding to lose weight after a pregnancy

Did you also know that you lose weight quicker if you breastfeed? One of the great methods for women to lose weight is through breastfeeding. It is a scientific and proven fact. Therefore, it only makes sense that they take this advantage. You can do this for as short as you want and even up to a year of the child’s life. Different kinds of hormones are released in your body when you breastfeed. It will also stimulate your uterus to reduce its size, to that of a pre-pregnancy state; so says the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist. If you are difficulty in breastfeeding, use the hands-free pumping bra that will stimulate more milk supply. Momcozy provides the best Pumping Bra for the nursing mothers that make the breastfeeding process easier. 


Breastfeeding also creates bonding between a mother and her child. The baby will have no difficulty clinging to you, and this will surely make you both feel better. It is a process of transmitting the idea to them that they are being loved and cared for. Hence you will have a less worried or attention-seeking child. You will want to keep your focus on other areas of weight loss as well; for example, your diet. You do not want to neglect the exercise and diet which will be required.


Bottom Line:

Losing weight is not easy, so you have to be determined and have a set goal for yourself to reach your ideal weight. Ask support from your partner and your family because this will help you in achieving results faster.


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