Getting Ready For Baby - A Newborn Checklist

Getting Ready For Baby - A Newborn Checklist

If you are expecting a baby, maybe you have already planned a few purchases to prepare for the upcoming arrival of this little one in your life. Diapers, bottles, wipe, furniture for the baby's room, the checklist is so long. It is better not to do it at the last minute to get the essentials! Because once the baby is at home, it's a whole new adventure that will begin! (And you'll probably have too little sleep to make thoughtful decisions!) To make sure you don't forget anything, here is a (non-exhaustive!) newborn checklist.

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Prepare for the many diaper changes.

In addition to diapers, changing mats and pads are essential for the comfort of your infant. Avoid changing a baby's diaper directly on a hard surface while preventing it from falling over. With the Kidicomfort changing mat with navy blue diamonds, all surfaces will become much more comfortable and safer for your baby. This rug can be placed on dressers, changing tables, or any flat wall. It has soft padding and safety straps. In addition, the vinyl cover is resistant and washable in two steps, three movements. Ideal for small accidents!


Clothes to dress baby

Once the pregnancy is officially announced, you will most likely start to receive baby clothes and shoes as gifts. Pajamas are obviously one of the centerpieces of infant clothing. It must be said that your little one will spend long hours, thus dressed during his first years of life. Highly comfortable, the speckled baby pajamas from Juddlies have a double zipper. You'll swear by these pajamas that come off easily when you need a quick diaper change. Made of high quality preshrunk cotton, the child will be able to sleep in comfort in a fabric that does not sting and does not irritate.

And since the mini-human will tend to regurgitate, drool, and get dirty while eating, bibs are obviously essential. You will also need a small collection, preferably easy to wash bibs. For ​​clothing, go for the comfort and usefulness of the thing rather than for the aesthetic aspect, especially in the first months of the child's life. For example, before you buy overalls, make sure there is an opening in the legs to change the diaper, which will prevent you from having to take them all off several times a day.

  • Pajamas in large quantities (at least ten in the first months)
  • Bodysuits, which are more useful than just sweaters because they don't come up when you hug your baby.
  • Pants / dresses / tights
  • Little stockings to keep baby's feet warm
  • A hat to limit the exposure of the head to the sun (summer) or to limit heat loss (winter)
  • A shell cover if a baby is born in the fall/winter



The health and safety of your baby are obviously important to you. With a newborn baby, every little bit counts. For the baby, bath time is much more than a break where you will take the time to clean it. It is also a moment of comfort shared between parent and child. For the safety of a baby, experts recommend the use of a specialized small tub.


Digital thermometer

Not only is the digital Thermometer is a must-have that delivers accurate, fast, and hygienic readings. Take baby's temperature non-invasively, just on his forehead. Useful in many ways, the thermometer also has several modes for taking additional temperatures (food, coins, bottles, bathwater, etc.).



In the realm of bedding and crib accessories, there are plenty of choices! When they are old enough, babies will be able to sleep in their crib, but for starters, most parents prefer to bring a cradle or bassinet that they can put near their own bed.

The crib offers the ability to hold your newborn baby close to you at your bed height. Whether it's to be able to breastfeed your baby more quickly when crying at night or for your peace of mind, having a baby sleep near you during his first moments of life is a priceless experience. Choose the crib that offers two reclining positions, gentle vibration modes, and night light. Moreover, prefer to buy that crib that emits soothing sounds and lullabies to regain his composure quickly.

For bedding, know that the "comforter/sheets/bed skirt/bed surround/pillows set" is beautiful but unnecessary. What you really need:

  • Minimum 2-3 cotton or flannel fitted sheets, depending on the season of birth of the child.
  • 4-5 cotton, muslin or flannel blankets (or a few of each), to swaddle your baby as needed.


Audio/video surveillance intercom

A baby monitor gives parents peace of mind when they don't have their infant near them. Well-rated by all parents who have purchased it, the Angelcare audio/video surveillance intercom will be your most faithful ally for the little one's surveillance. It is equipped with a motion detector, a recording system, a two-way communication mode, a wide-angle camera, and a temperature monitor. A little more, and it will rock your child when they cry!


Breastfeeding/ Bottle feeding essentials:

If you are breastfeeding, few items are needed for baby's feeding, such as pumping and nursing brabreast pump bra, and nipple cream. Otherwise, you will need:

  • Baby bottles. The amount depends on how often you want to wash them. The more you have, the less you need to wash them with each use. In addition, having a few allow you to prepare certain bottles in advance for the night
  • A large and a small brush to clean the bottles



Just because you are new parents does not mean that you will remain confined to the house! From an early age, the baby will be able to move around with you hassle-free due to stroller. Use the 3-in-1 systems stroller that also includes a car seat and a transport system. The stroller adapts to your child as they grow, closes quickly with just one hand, and holds securely when folded. For the little ones, the car seat attaches to the stroller seat with an adapter.

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