Does a mom have to be a SUPERMOM?

Momcozy doesn't think so!


Cozy to listen to our inner voices and follow them where they take us.
Cozy to find the strength to achieve what we desire.
Cozy to remain true to who we are no matter what life stage we’re in

Cozy Power represents the caring love we extend to every mom,
so she can be exactly who she is:
a mother, a woman, and so much more.

Cozy Power by Momcozy

Global one-stop mother and baby brand

We provide comfort and companionship to moms from pregnancy through early motherhood. We hope to become moms' go-to brand when they are seeking solution-based products to keep them comfortably supported through pregnancy and early motherhood.

Cozy Prepare

Providing comfort and support every step of your pregnancy.

Expect. Your Cozy Way

Cozy Feeding

Let us be your ultimate companion on this feeding journey.

Feed. Your Cozy Way

Cozy Recovery

Nurturing your body back to newfound strength.

Restore. Your Cozy Way.

Cozy Parenting

Supporting you to raise a happy baby.

Bond. Your Cozy Way.

Cozy Outing

Making every outing with your baby a cozy adventure.

Explore. Your Cozy Way

Always putting moms first

A word from the founder of Momcozy

As a woman, I know the countless challenges women face in society. Especially, in the transitions from girl to woman and woman to mom.

I've seen it from countless mothers and in doing so, have wholly embraced the collective feelings mothers as though they're my own.

I founded Momcozy on these principles, and am dedicated to making sure every mom's existence is seen, heard, accepted and understood.

Momcozy insists on putting moms first, encouraging them to embrace and maintain their individuality and never give up on being themselves even after becoming moms. My hope is that Momcozy users will say, "Momcozy is a brand that makes me feel relaxed, at ease while making my life simpler and easy. Even if as a mom, I can also enjoy my own wonderful life."

Let's embrace the power of COZY!

As seen in

An innovative brand is changing the game for new and future mothers looking for solutions that are both elegant and functional for everyday life. Focus on Momcozy, the American brand that could well transform the face of maternity.

Momcozy, since its 2018 launch, has evolved into more than a brand—it's a community and a movement dedicated to supporting mothers in their journey through early motherhood with innovative products and inspiring campaigns.

The Momcozy Huggable Maternity Body Pillow earned top scores across all categories—from support to effectiveness to overall quality—making it our overall Best of The Bump 2023 winner. The Momcozy pillow can also be used to help you find a comfortable position while lounging, sitting upright or even nursing after baby comes—making this a winner all around.