Putting Moms First: Our Pledge to Support Breastfeeding in Every Way

We prioritize your choice

It’s an undeniable fact that human milk not only establishes a robust foundation but also carries lifelong benefits. Breastfeeding stands as an indispensable cornerstone for the overall well-being of both infants and mothers, serving as a vital preventive health measure universally. We wholeheartedly embrace the numerous benefits of breastfeeding. And when a mom chooses to breastfeed her baby, we steadfastly support her because it has always been our commitment to putting moms first.

Empowering breastfeeding with practical solutions

This commitment has propelled us to streamline the breastfeeding experience, empowering moms with the freedom to breastfeed anywhere, anytime. At the heart of our product line are hands-free breast pumps meticulously designed to make breastfeeding not only accessible, but stress-free, providing mothers with the flexibility they deserve. Recognizing the difficulty and complexity of a supportive breastfeeding journey, our range also extends to various products aimed at enhancing a mom's overall experience. This range includes hands-free pumping bra, portable bottle warmer, easy-to-use milk storage bag and disposable baby bottle kit, all designed to better facilitate breastfeeding.

The commitment is further reflected in our consistent effort in providing moms with professional breastfeeding knowledge. Over the years, we've actively engaged with the mom community through panel discussions and breastfeeding Q&A sessions featuring International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). Digital communities and educational webinars, hosted in partnership with lactation professionals, have also helped equip mothers with the knowledge needed for breastfeeding success.

A consistent promise that will last

As a companion to three million moms from pregnancy through early motherhood, Momcozy will always put moms first and remain dedicated to assisting them on their unique breastfeeding journey. This means however they choose to breastfeed their babies, we will respect them and remain unwavering in our effort to equip them with the tools and support needed for a fulfilling and empowering breastfeeding experience.