Momcozy Breastfeeding
Support Program

Creating a More Supportive World for Moms

More Comfort and Care for Breastfeeding Moms

Momcozy's Breastfeeding Support Program caters to the unique needs of breastfeeding moms by delivering comprehensive assistance to lighten their load via accessible education, one-stop maternity solutions, connection to caring communities and more.

At the same time, the program focuses on improving outcomes by supporting the professionals and organizations that drive them.

Our mission is to create a world that provides more care and comfort for breastfeeding mothers.

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What does Momcozy's

Breastfeeding Support Program offer?

Each stage of motherhood brings new experiences, questions and
challenges. Momcozy's Breastfeeding Support Program offers
support every step of the way.

Accessible and Reliable Breastfeeding Education

Gain evidence-based knowledge and boost breastfeeding confidence and skills through certified prenatal and perinatal professional-led educational events.

Connection to Caring Communities

Join our supportive communities to connect with fellow moms, share experiences, and find encouragement.

Lactation Consultant Scholarship Fund

Pursue a career as an IBCLC with our scholarship program, offering exam fee reimbursement to eligible moms.

One-Stop Maternity Solutions

No more scouring a multitude of sites and stores. Simplify your shopping experience with our high-quality maternity products, trusted by millions of moms worldwide.

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