Healthy Milk Supply ADVICE FROM THE EXPERT,Tenise Hordge,IBCLC
Tenise Hordge is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. She is passionate about supporting families during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum seasons. Tenise has advanced training in the oral rehabilitation of the breastfed infant, which ensures we get to the root cause of feeding issue. Her mission is to serve as an advocate, amplify cultural awareness, educate, and instill confidence in her clients.
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Momcozy Successfully Concluded Mother's Day Campaign “Momcozy Village” Supporting Motherhood
Reflecting on its recent Mother’s Day campaign, Momcozy, a global one-stop mother and baby brand, reaffirms its commitment to supporting mothers through its "Momcozy Village" initiative. Inspired by the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child," Momcozy extended this concept to motherhood, creating a warm community ensuring no mother navigates her parenting journey alone. The campaign focused on 'real support,' 'real connection,' and 'real cozy,' each designed to nurture and empower mothers.
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Self-Compassion: Building Confidence in Motherhood

By Laura Otton. Laura is a maternal mental health specialist and the owner of Therapy for Motherhood, her private practice based in Huntington, NY. She earned her Master of Social Work from NYU and is certified in perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International. Her work focuses on helping women adjust to motherhood and guiding them through the mental and emotional challenges of being a modern parent. As a mother of two, she knows firsthand how women need a warm, supportive village to thrive and achieve their dreams. She is honored to be a part of that village for so many.

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