Faster calorie burning, increased oxytocin, prolonged menstruation, and a customized formula for your baby’s ultimate health success are just some of the breastfeeding advantages for you and your baby. For most moms who are breastfeeding, a breast pump is just as essential as baby wipes and safety car seats. Using it is an effective way your little bundle of joy the food he or she needs without compromising your freedom to do the things you want like going back to work, running errands or having your much deserved me time.

How easy it is to express milk and the amount will depend on the kind of breastfeeding pump you will use. However, with so many brands and models available in the market today, choosing the best breast pump that will work for you can be a daunting task. It is recommended to first compare the different types available before making any purchase to ensure you will find the right one for you and your baby’s needs.

Manual vs Electric Breast Pump

If you will only be away from your baby occasionally and you have a well-established supply of milk, a manual breast pump may be enough for you. But if you will be going back to work or you will be away for a few hours from your baby every day, your best option is an electric breast pump.

Manual breast pumps are cheaper and handy if you need to express milk occasionally. But using it frequently can be a lot of hard work since, in order to produce the vacuum, you have to keep pumping it. On the other hand, the best electric breast pump comes with a motor that will do all the pumping for you making it more convenient and effortless to use.

It’s also worth considering purchasing a nursing and pumping bra, which you can use for breastfeeding, pumping or both. These bras are convenient when you’re expressing, you can also wear them all day long allowing you to go about your normal routine.

Single and Double Breast Pumps

If you need to express from time to time, the Momcozy Automatic Single Electric Breast Pump will work best for you. But if you’re heading back to work full time or you have a medical condition, the Momcozy Automatic Double Electric Breast Pump is the best option as it is very convenient if you need to express frequently.

Double electric breast pumps can provide your baby with almost 20% more milk compared to pumping each breast alternately. Moreover, you will spend half the time expressing, and the milk you will produce has a higher calorie and fat contents as well. It’s a great option for busy moms who are always on the go.  

Other Factors you Need to Consider


Electric pumps cost more, but they are more efficient than manual pumps. Moreover, the milk they produce is more cost-effective than formula milk. A manual pump may be cheaper, but you need to exert more time and effort when expressing. So if you have the budget for it, it is wise to choose an electric breast pump for its benefits and convenience.


Look for a portable breast pump that’s quiet and not difficult to assemble so that breastfeeding will always go smoothly. Both the noise of the motor of the Momcozy Automatic Single Electric Breast and Automatic Double Electric Breast Pump is controlled under 50dB. It is slightly louder than a whisper so your baby will not be interrupted while he or she is sleeping. They also have a memory function feature that remembers you patterns, making it more convenient for you to pump.


The pump’s motor strength will depend on how often you use it. So make sure to determine first how frequently you will use it before buying one so that you will be able to assess the appropriate motor for the breast pump.  It’s also recommended to read breast pumps reviews before purchasing one. Choosing the right one for your needs will ensure a longer pump lifespan. Only buy original breast pumps from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality.


Avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort in the nipple area by choosing a breast pump with flanges that fit your breasts very well.