1.Storage capacity is the key

To assess the portability of the mummy bag, you first need to understand what you need to go out. At different stages of your baby’s growth, the types and quantities of your needs will change. Taking a small towel as an example, a newborn baby always  because of the slow development of salivary gland secretion, and the amount of saliva is small. It is enough to go out with 2 pieces. After the baby grows to 4-6 months, the secretion of salivary glands increases due to the addition of complementary food. The demand for saliva towels will also increase, and moms need to prepare at least 5 pieces. And when the mother takes the baby out, she still needs to bring her own things. The carryall breast pumps can best accommodate the daily needs of the mother.

Therefore, the carryall breast pumps must have the following conditions:

a:The bag should be large and reasonable, not only enough to ensure that it can be installed, but also not too much to waste space;

b:The structure is reasonable and easy to store and remove.

2.Convenience and comfort is very important

When the mother goes out with the baby, she often needs to take the baby, such as wipes, diapers, and bottles, out of the bag. Imagine if my mother is holding her baby, her shoulders have been sore and very painful. If the zipper of the Mummy bag is difficult to open at this time, or if I can’t find what I am looking for in a moment, how embarrassing it is. situation.

carryall breast pumps

Therefore, for the Mummy package, there are some hard conditions that directly affect the experience of use must meet the standard. Generally speaking, the sealing form of the Mummy bag has three types: zipper, magnet and Velcro. It is more recommended that the zipper is more secure and the items are not easy to pour.