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Momcozy Electric Automatic Breast Pump

$55.99 USD

Momcozy breast pump has been strictly controlled according to the suction power of the baby when drinking breast milk. Multi-level suction can be adjusted to make mother's breast pumping experience more natural and comfortable. 

  • 16 phases expression, Smart touch screen with LCD colorful display, Max. 16 Levels pump pressure, Rechargeable built-in battery, Ultra silent
  • Edible food frade materials, our products passed ROHS, FDA, GB etc certifications
  • The bottles is made from the most advanced edible bpa-free materials. And it is heat resistant, safe and with no smell after breast feeding. It also can be used directly if connected to the wide mouth pacifier.
  • We don’t pump, we express
  • Our artificial mouth expresses your breasts instead of pumping them. This means less of a tug-o-war and a more of a natural experience