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Momcozy Baby Bandana Drool Bibs 8-Pack + 2 Baby Silicone Bibs

$24.99 USD

Why choose Momcozy Baby Bibs Set?

Momcozy is a fast-growing brand focusing on baby feeding and breastfeeding mom nursing. We innovate and offer high-quality mom&baby products in the global market to provide comfort and meet needs.

Most members of our team are mothers with children. We never develop any product that we do not use personally at home with our own children.

This baby bibs set meets all your needs of bibs in terms of baby's growth. The bandana drool bibs help to keep teething baby dry and neat, while the silicone bibs are the best choice once the baby started to eat more solid or feed themselves. These two kinds of bibs will greatly reduce the work of the new parents.

Perfect Mix Of Fashion And Functionality
An absolute essential for new parents, the 8-pack bandana teething bibs not only help to keep baby's clothes clean and dry from drooling but also come in a bunch of cute and trendy patterns to make it fun and easy to dress the little one. The beautiful and neutral colors look cool and fashionable with any outfits for both boys and girls, unlike a regular bib.

Super Soft And Extra Absorbent
Made from 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton. According to our test, this kind of material is more soft, breathable, and absorbent than 100% cotton. It is the perfect material to use for baby’s sensitive skin. The 8-layer design keeps the drools from soaking into the baby’s clothing. The most important is that you will find the bibs become softer and softer with each wash
With Food-Grade Silicone Bibs In The Package
We have prepared all the necessary bibs for new parents. This awesome bibs set will come with 8pcs baby drool bibs which are designed for teething and drooling baby, and 2pcs silicone bibs help to keep clean when feeding the baby.