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Momcozy Automatic Electric Breast Pump

$39.99 USD
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Momcozy’s range of breast pumps covers all the potential needs of breastfeeding mums: from initiating breastfeeding for a prematurely born baby with the highest-standard, hospital-grade breast pump Symphony, to expressing milk to cover the odd night out with the high-performance manual pump Harmony, to exclusive breast milk pumping with our top individual-use double side pump Freestyle, allowing mums to express more breast milk in less time.


Key Features

  • AUTOMATIC MODE – It begins with the massage mode, which helps to stimulate breast milk secretion and gradually switches to pumping mode. It allows moms to go about their routine and makes the breast pump an enjoyment.
  • 16 LEVELS AND MEMORY FUNCTION – Easily adjust the pump level of the breast pump. It is adjustable from levels 1-16. With the memory function, your patterns will be remembered, making it more convenient for you to pump.
  • SUPER QUIET – With solid material, the noise of the motor is controlled under 50dB. It is slightly louder than a whisper and we know that your baby needs an uninterrupted, good night’s sleep.
  • MEDICAL-GRADE MATERIAL & ANTI-BACKFLOW DESIGN – Built with 100% BPA free medical-grade material. The inner valve has an anti-backflow design, protects milk from infection and keeps it fresh. Health and safety guaranteed.
  • BATTERY, USB RECHARGEABLE AND SMART TOUCH SCREEN – Built-in battery and USB cable included. It allows you to use and charge the device with any chargers, computers, or power banks at any time, anywhere.


Helps Nursing Moms Multitask While Pumping
Momcozy Electric Breast Pump gives nursing mothers the freedom to go about their routine while pumping. If multitasking is not needed yet it gives relief of hands-free pumping to mothers.

Innovative Touch Design
All buttons are in sensitive to touch design. Simply put your finger on it and it will immediately respond.
Note: To avoid the unit being turned on accidentally, you will need to put your finger on the power button for 2 seconds to activate the device.

What’s in the box:
1 x Momcozy Electric Double Breast Pump;
2 x Momcozy Milk Bottle with Cap;
1 x USB Cable;
1 x User Manual.