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36 S 18TH AVE STE A Brighton, Colorado, 80601 USA

Mon-Fri, 9am-18pm

Momcozy ® 3 Pack Bassinet Sheets


The Momcozy ® 3 Pack Bassinet Sheets help ensure your baby will sleep through the night!

Dreamland Baby is a premier line of Wearable Weighted Bassinet Sheet designed to help your baby feel calm, fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer.

The gentle weight increases both serotonin and melatonin, naturally reducing stress & increasing relaxation through deep touch stimulation.  

Weighted Bassinet Sheets are clinically proven to significantly increase calm feelings & improve sleep patterns in a recent study that investigated their effect on newborns. 

Momcozy 3 Pack Bassinet Sheet Set (Arrow+ Wave point+Stripe)

Fit on most

Momcozy floral bassinet sheets fit on almost all standard oval, round, rectangular, and hourglass shape bassinet mattress pads including SNOO, Halo, Chicco Lullago, FisherPrice, Ingenuity, Evenflo and Moses Baskets. Dimensions: 32x16x3 inches.

360°Elastic Band

With sheets doubly reinforced with a thick, elastic band for extra safety, you can say goodbye to ill-fitting, bunched up sheets that are too loose or too tight. Our uniquely designed elastic provides your little ones a safe and comfy sleeping environment.

Breathable fabric

Made from premium cotton. Momcozy Bassinet Sheets are soft, lightweight and breathable, creating a cosy and welcoming sleep environment. Say goodbye to undesirable rashes and skin infections.

Perfect Shower Gift

Most newborns sleep up to 18 hours a day, with such an adorable and sweet pattern, on practical and comfortable cotton fabric, it’s a perfect gift to accompany your baby.


100% cotton material

Dimensions: 32x16x3 inches


1 x Arrow Bassinet Sheet

1 x Wave point Bassinet Sheet

1 x Stripe Bassinet Sheet

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