Momcozy Baby Electric Nasal Aspirator

//Momcozy Baby Electric Nasal Aspirator

Momcozy Baby Electric Nasal Aspirator

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  • PROVIDE FAST RELIEF : Momcozy Electric Nasal Aspirator Generates Enough Suction To Remove Stubborn Mucus While Not Harming Your Baby’s Delicate Nose.
  • 2 Sizes Of Soft Reusable Silicone Tips Are safe tProvide The Perfect Suction For Every Size Nose. The Tips Will Fit Comfortably Into Your Baby’s Nose.
  • ENJOY COMFORTABLE TREATMENT : Our Nasal Aspirator Helps Babies Clear Nasal Congestion Caused By Colds, Flus and Allergies Fast Without Causing Any Extra Discomfort.
  • Momcozy Electric Nasal Aspirator Makes Low Noise, So Babies Will Not Feel Scared When Moms Use It To Suck Mucus.
  • EASY TO USE: The Baby Nasal Aspirator Is Lightweight And Compact Design Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand.

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Momcozy Baby Nasal Aspirator

As a parent, when your child isn’t feeling their best, you want to do anything and everything you can to make him feel better.

Momcozy Baby Nasal Aspirator helps to safely and easily clear your baby’s stuffy nose, putting him on a path to easier breathing.

When baby feels better, you’ll rest easier too!



1.Help get rid of sore and constant runny noses fast

2.Safe and harmless

3.Low noise

4.Two tips available

5.Adjustable suction

6.Easy to clean

7.Dust Protection


How to use

1.Open the top cap

2.Select an appropriate tip and install on the device

3.Keep the baby in a comfortable position(recline or sit),be sure to keep the head stable and face upward.

4.Hold the device like holding a pen,slowly insert the tip into nostril for aspiration.


  1. Dried booger is hard to remove ,Pleast first drip warm water into nose to soften it ,then clip out or suck out .

2.It is not recommended to take a single aspiration longer than 5 seconds to avoid ear pain .

3.It is recommended to open mouth when using for better aspiration and less ear comfort.


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