3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pads for Breastfeeding (2 Packs)

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  • Great Helper for Mom’s Breastfeeding
  • Cold & Hot Therapy
  • Breast Pumps Compatible
  • Comfort to the Shape of Breast
  • Easy to Use
  • Moms and Babies Friendly

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Momcozy® Breast Therapy Pads 

  • Great Helper for Mom’s Breastfeeding–Cold therapy relieves pain and swelling from engorgement ;Hot therapy relieves mastitis ,plugged ducts and encourages milk let-down.
  • Breast Pump Aid: Heats the pad according to instructions, insert in the covers and snap onto any breast pump flanges to increase milk production and reduce time spent pumping
  • Momcozy Breast Therapy Pads can comfort to the shape of breast and can be reused by simply washing the soft covers
  • Moms and Babies Friendly: Heating and cooling breast therapy pads are made of professional gel particles , which are non-toxic and safe for babies and moms .
  • Easy to use : Simply place in refrigerator or microwave until desired temperature for a cold/ hot effect

If you have recently become a mother or if you are a mother of two, you must have faced common breastfeeding problems.
Momcozy reusable breast therapy pads are easy to use, can be worn under your bra and provide instant relief from pain.

1.Cold Therapy:Help relieve pain and swelling from engorgement
2.Hot Therapy:Help relieve mastitis ,plugged ducts and encourages milk let-down
3.Breast Pump Aid : Encourage let-down and reduce time spent pumping.

1.Comfort to the shape of the breast
2.Compatible with any breast pump
3.Professional gel particles
4.Safe non-toxic reuse
5.Soft & washable covers

Including: 2 x Breast therapy pads, 2 x Washable covers


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