Nowadays, mothers always express their breast milk for bottle-feeding, which is time-saving and more convenient. And here comes the problem of breast milk storage. In this article, we focus on things mothers should consider when using breast storage bags.

Safe Thawing of Breast Milk ​

  • Thaw the breast milk storage bags under cold running water.
  • Set the breast milk storage bags in a container of warm water with temperature not higher than 60 degree.
  • Never thaw or heat the breast milk in a microwave or with hot water, which could destroy nutrients in the breast milk.
  • Never refreeze breast milk once it has been thawed. For the left breast milk, it could not be recycled used.

Safe Using of A Breast Storage Bag ​

  • Expressing breast milk with the help of a breast pump and storage the milk in a qualified breast milk storage bag. It could stored in the refrigerator (2-4℃) for 24 hours. When it is time for feeding, thaw it with warm water.
  • Opening the zipper of the storage bag, carefully inject the breast milk into it. After that, squeezing our the air in the bag, then seal the two zippers one by one.
  • Inverting the breast milk container when using the breast milk. Cut along the dotted line of the container and pour the breast milk into the bottle after heated. You could do  with the help of a pair of sterile scissors.

Precaution ​

  • Leave space in the storage bag. Breast milk expands when it is frozen. In order to keep safe, keep the volume of breast milk below 180ml.
  • Label the date of the breast milk. Use a pen to carefully label with the expressing date. This helps to make good use of breast milk.
  • Not blowing air into the storage container.  Every breast milk storage bag is sterilized, so please do not blow air into it. Just use it directly.
  • No recycling used of the storage bag. Every breast milk storage bag is disposable. In terms of environmental protection, please clean the used storage bag.