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#S9 Wearable Pump

"Love these so much! I got within a week. I did have to contact them for my tracking info. Customer service was on it within 12-24hours and they were great! They pump great as well. They do still make noise but you can’t really hear it unless it’s a quieter surrounding. I’ve found these excellent to take to my job and use while at work. You can’t beat it for the price!"

-- Olivia Vicari(Livi )

#S9 Wearable Pump

"These pumps saved my sanity. I bought one from here late one night while nursing my then newborn… I was frustrated with being tied to a wall and with my milk not coming in I had to pump often to try and build it up. We all know that isolation feeling. I ordered a second of this brand from a Amazon because I needed it here ASAP! We are a busy family, I have three girls and always on the go. The pumps took a few times to get use to taking on and off without leaks, but once I figured it out they have been my primary pumps. I have had them 2 months now with no problems and have been able to save well over 300oz. They go everywhere I go." 

-- BreAnna Kapp

#S12 Wearable Pump

"I ordered the s12 & love this pump! it’s convenient & has 9 suction levels to set to your preference as well as 2 modes, massage & express. got 2 ounces in the first 2 minutes of pumping! i see a lot of comments regarding shipping taking a long time or getting no shipping info, when you order off of the momcozy website it tells you to download the aftership app to get updates on your order, i got updates the whole process. i hope this helps! i 10/10 recommend."

-- Mackenzie Davidson

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