For the new mother, feeding is a rough road. Especially when the baby needs help with sucking the milk. When it is too much to eat, the breast feels painful. To solve these problems, many new mothers think of the breast pump. Which one is useful? What is the role of the one? How to use the breast pump? Here is some experience from other mothers and experts.

breast pump

What is the function of the breast pump?

  1. When the baby is born with no strength to suck the milk, use this one to help the baby to eat milk.
  2. Baby could not eat too much milk, sucked out the extra to build a milk storage, so it will not be wasted.
  3. When the milk is not enough, the milk secretion can be increased by the this product.
  4. the breast pump can not help to open the breast, inflammation of the breast can help empty the milk.

When the nipple is broken and cannot be fed, a breast pump can be used.

breast pump

How to use the breast pump?

How to use the breast pump,?Before the breast pumping, using a warm towel to warm the breast. And stimulate the alveolar massage to fully expand the cell of breast.

If it is electrical, just snap the cup onto the breast and start the machine. It will automatically suck your milk into the connected container. Manual pumpus also use cups. But use manual squeeze or pull the piston to suck the milk instead of relying on an electric motor. A functional electric one usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to suck up the milk in both breasts, while a manual breast pump can take up to 45 minutes to complete.

breast pump




A good breast pump simulates the baby’s action of sucking milk, so it does not feel pain. However, for making sure to choose a plastic cup that fits your breast and place it in a positive position so that it won’t be pinched or irritated to the breast. If you are using a fully automatic one, you may feel a lot of suction at first, although it doesn’t hurt, but it feels a bit strange. Consider buying this kind of pump bra so you don’t have to hold the cup of the it all the time. You can take a hand to take a book or magazine, suck your breasts, read a book or work.