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It is tangled for some new mothers, whether it is necessary to prepare a breast milk pump. Some say it is ok to prepare a breast pump in advance while others say it is unnecessary.

If you have the following performances, you could prepare a breast pump.

Prepare a Brest Pump for Below Performances

If you have enough breast milk, you could prepare a breast pump.

Some mothers have plenty of breast milk and some may have the problem of a less spillage before prenatal time. That is why mothers need a breast pump. For some postpartum mothers, if there is still milk left after feeding their baby, they could prepare a breast pump. A breast pump could help to empty their breast and keep them healthy, which is important for a woman.

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If you are back to work after the maternity leave, you could prepare a breast pump.

Breastfeeding is good for the baby, and if you decide to back to work, you should think about the storage of breast milk. And a breast pump becomes a necessity. When using at home, you could choose a more powerful one for easy work, while considering portability, you may consider whether it is small and easy to storage.

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If your baby has the low sucking ability, you could prepare a breast pump.

Both the mother and the baby carry out breastfeeding. For most of the baby, they could suck the nipple on their own, while for some babies, it may be difficult for them to suck because of their weak sucking ability.

On these occasions, mothers could use a breast pump to save breast milk in the bottle for baby bottle-feeding. Although baby has weak sucking ability, we still suggest to let them suck the nipple as much as possible for improving their sucking ability. Otherwise, their ability is still weak and the mother’s milk will become less and less.


If your nipple is weak for breastfeeding, you could prepare a breast pump.

It is not suitable for direct breastfeeding when mothers start breastfeeding with the incorrect posture or because of their fragile nipple skin. Mothers could use a breast pump to suck out the breast milk for bottle-feeding. However, it is only a temporary way to deal with the case. What is important is that the mother should correct their breastfeeding posture and do some breast massage to make their breast ease and healthy for breastfeeding.

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The use of breast pump is still quite high for some postpartum mothers. And it is not a problem to prepare a breast pump in prenatal period or postnatal period. You could consider this matter according to the situation when you start to breast feeding.