From the time the fertilized egg reaches the end of the 12th week of pregnancy, the baby will develop at a rate he has never before. All organs appear in the head, arms, legs and body development. In addition, in the first few weeks, your body will create an entirely new organ: the placenta, also known as the mothering cake. It provides your baby with everything it needs to grow and grow.

Week 1 to Week 4 of pregnancy

During these two weeks – purely medical – ruling, you are actually not pregnant. On the contrary, the eggs in the ovary matured, and the fallopian tubes will discharge about it in the second week and now enter the uterus. Ovulation has occurred and fertilization of the egg could perform.

Since you already know that you are pregnant, you have actually had an egg fertilization. In the third week, the egg cells steadily divide and continue to grow into a pile of cells called Doctor Morula.

Over the next few days, the cells will differentiate into a fluid-filled internal cavity and a surrounding layer.

From the inner cell population that your child will develop, the placenta and amniotic sac appear from the outer cell mass. By the end of the fourth week of pregnancy, a small embryo that has continued to grow rapidly has emerged from the cell heap. Your child is now the size of Apple’s core.

Week 5 to Week 7 of pregnancy

In the fifth week of pregnancy, something is happening in the world: the infant’s heart begins to beat. It is as tiny as a poppy seed, but it has already drawn blood. It divided into different rooms and will soon find a regular rhythm, by the way, about 150 times per minute, much faster than your rhythm.

The most important organs such as the kidneys and liver begin to grow. The neural tube that connects the brain and spinal cord are closed this week. The upper and lower limbs are formed, and the intestines also appear and find their position.

In the sixth week, your child’s facial features have formed large dark spots in the area where the eyes are located. The nostrils are visible and the depressions show where the ears will grow.

Meanwhile, the pituitary gland forms and the first muscle line grows. In the seventh week, your baby measures more than a centimeter and is a small grape. His liver diligently produces red blood cells until the bone marrow forms and takes on this task. Existing organs such as the heart and brain become more complex.

In addition, teeth will be formed which are still hidden in the dental buds of the jaw and tendon for a long time. The skin is still thin and transparent. The veins are clearly visible. The baby’s intestines protrude to form the umbilical cord.

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