Your breasts are expected to change after you’ve given birth because your milk volume will increase, as well as the lymph fluids and blood flow to your breasts. If your baby is not nursing all the time or not effectively removing milk, you may suffer from engorgement.


Breast engorgement is when your breasts become hard, very full, and firm. The skin also can be shiny, tight, and reddish. There are also times when your nipples flatten because your breasts are so swollen, making it hard for your baby to latch. You may also suffer from a low-grade fever because of this. But don’t let this scare you, breastfeeding, read 10 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding and learn why it is a great time to bond with your little one.  


Other causes of breast engorgement include the following:


  • You are not pumping enough. This is especially true for mothers who are separated from their babies.
  • Your infant’s latch is not deep enough to allow sufficient milk extraction.
  • You may have taken excess IV fluids which can cause unnecessary edema.
  • Your baby is supplemented without replacement pumping.


How To Relieve Breast Engorgement

If you’re a new mom, breast engorgement relief is something you need to know even if you chose not to breastfeed. The sensation it will bring you can range from very uncomfortable to extremely painful. Although you can’t avoid it, you can manage it by using breast therapy pads. These pads are designed specifically to provide relief for breast engorgement when you’re nursing or expressing.




The best breast therapy pads available today is the Momcozy 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pads for Breastfeeding. These pads are a great help when you’re nursing or expressing. It’s a breastfeeding heat pad which relieves mastitis, plugged ducts and encourages milk let-down. It’s also a cold therapy pad that can help relieve your breasts from pain and swelling from engorgement. Just place the pads in the refrigerator or microwave until you reach the desired temperature for a cold or hot effect.


Another notable feature of these therapy pads is that it’s a breast pump aid. You can use it together with the Momcozy Automatic Electric Breast Pump or any breast pump flanges to increase milk production and reduce time spent pumping. It conforms to the shape of your breasts and comes in soft covers that are easy to clean and wash.


Features To Look For When Buying Therapy Pads

The first thing you need to consider is the design of the breast therapy pads. It should be suitable for the size of your breasts. Make sure that it is flexible, contoured, and you can use them while you’re pumping milk.


The heating time of therapy pads will vary. Check the heating time and method of the one you’re eyeing and see if it will be convenient for you. There are pads that use hot water or oven where you need to wait 15 minutes or more before you can use them, while there are those that you can microwave for under a minute.


You also need to check how long the pads can provide you relief. Keep in mind that there are pads that may work well for cold therapy and others for heat therapy. The best breast therapy pads can do both.


All pads are reusable, but those made from plastic will last longer and easy to wash as well. Furthermore, make sure to choose therapy pads that are safe, non-toxic, and compatible with any breast pump.