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For new moms, they have no idea of the necessity of a breast milk pump and how a choose a breast pump.

Here are some Q&A about the breast pump.

1. Is It Necessary to Buy A Breast Pump?

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Even full-time mothers can hardly keep their children with them all the time. And many modern mothers advocate that they should continue to maintain a moderate social life and personal life. The quality of their life cannot be greatly changed because of the birth of children.

Therefore, when mothers go out for medical treatment, parties, shopping, and work, breast pumps have a place to use.

2. Manual or Electric Breast Pump, Which Is Better?

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The advantage of a manual breast pump is that it is cheap and portable. However, there is a common disadvantage of a manual breast pump. That is, it has to be pinched laboriously and constantly.

If you pinch it twice a second and make sucking for 20 minutes each time, you need to pinch it 2,400 times. New mothers should be careful about being down with tenosynovitis possibly.

For the electric breast pump, If the quality is good, it will save a lot of energy and time. However, electric breast pumps are very expensive.

If conditions permit, it’s better to buy an electric breast pump with USB charging.

3. Single or Dual Breast Pump, Which Is Better?

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A single pump must be cheaper than a dual breast pump. The disadvantage is that when using a single breast pump, the breast that is not sucked often drips milk at the same time, which is wasteful and contaminates clothes.

Whatever the amount of milk is, it takes at least 20 minutes to suck at a time. It takes about an hour to wash and sanitize the breast pump after the sucking by using the single breast pump, and half the time by using the dual breast pump.

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