For new moms, baby bathing may be a little difficult for them. And here comes the general knowledge that a new mom needs to know about baby bathing.

baby bathing

Bathing times: There is no need to bath your baby every day. For newborn, bath two or three times a week is enough to keep the baby clean and comfortable.

Time: Baby bathing time should not be too long. And we suggest to bath in five to ten minutes.

Water temperature: Keep the room temperature at around 26°C while keeping the water temperature at around 36° C, which is suitable for baby bathing. Make sure the water is comfortably warm (neither not too hot or cold) before you put the baby into the tub.

Preparation work: Get all the stuff you need during bathing in advance. These may include a small towel, hooded towel, diapers, clothes, baby skin care products, baby shower sponges, baby cleaners, etc.

Steps to take for bathing:

1.Before underdressing your baby, use the small towel to slightly wipe his eyelids and wash his whole face.

2. Undressing the clothes, pour some warm water on your baby. This helps the baby adapt the water temperature and let her know he is going to have a bath. After that, put the baby into the tub slightly and get a small towel covered on the baby’s chest.

3. Moisten the baby’s hair with a sponge and gently massage it. Use little baby shower gel on the hair after the hair is completely wet. Clean it after gently massage.(Be careful not to get the foam into baby’s ears)

4. Use a sponge to clean the baby from top to bottom and front to back with liquid baby cleanser. Gently wash baby’s genitals at last. It is necessary to get a routine wash for baby’s genitals.

5. After washing, wrap the baby with the hooded towel as soon as possible. Get the baby skin care products and dress him up.

Tips for better bathing :

1. Take off all your jewelry on hand and keep your nails short.

2. Do not take bath after feeding or under the hunger status. It is best to take a bath in the middle of two feedings.

3. Bathing time should not be too long. It is best to be done in 5-10 minutes.

4. Talk with your baby during the bathing time for comfort and sense of security.

5. During bathing, use one hand to support the baby’s head and neck.

baby bathing

Bathing time is carried by both the mother and baby. And it is a good time to communicate with the baby. We suggest new moms to take above tips for better baby bathing.

Do it, learn it and enjoy your bath time with your baby.