1. Breast as earlier as you can

After the baby was born, mom will need to take a rest. When mom feels better they should take up the responsibility of raising the baby. Promptly let the baby suck the nipple, which is very important for maternal and breast filling. Feed your baby as soon as possible after childbirth, preferably within the first hour after delivery. And then give him a milk every time the baby shows signs of starvation. The hungry performance of the baby has a mouth, a nose with a nose. If you want to test if your baby is hungry, you can put your hand on his cheek. If the baby turns his head with his mouth open and trying to catch something, it means that he has been waiting for it.

breast feeding

In addition to giving the baby enough breastfeeding during the day, you should also pay attention to feeding at night. The production of prolactin at night is 50 times that of the day. Through frequent nipple stimulation, it is beneficial to cause uterine contraction and reduce bleeding. And it is beneficial to the lactation system to secrete more prolactin.  Which is beneficial to increase the milk, the recovery of the lactating mother. And also to improve the mother-child relationship. According to clinical comparisons, early sucking is much better than late sucking.

2. Stay with your newborn in the same room if possible

Some people once thought that the baby had just been born, and the frequent crying would affect the rest of the nursing mother. Therefore, the mother-infant separation method was adopted, and the baby was returned to the mother only when feeding. In fact, this is not good for the mother and the baby. Mother-child touch, baby crying, mother-child confrontation, baby smell, etc. Those could not only enhance maternal and child feelings, but also a good stimulation signal, can effectively stimulate the lactation system, relieve hypothalamic inhibition, lead to increased prolactin, milk Secreted naturally, like a spring.

breast feeding

3. Get to know breast feeding better with professional information

According to clinical observations, all women who pay attention to breastfeeding actively cooperate with medical staff and take the initiative to try to feed as soon as possible. The diet is good, the mood is relatively stable, and the mood is comfortable. Some mothers are worried about being out of shape and are not willing to breastfeed their children. In fact, this idea is unscientific. Breastfeeding does not cause sagging breasts. On the contrary, breastfeeding can promote the secretion of maternal Oxycontin, and Oxycontin can enhance the elasticity of breast suspension ligament. Women continue to develop their breasts during pregnancy, and if the breasts are too large, they can easily relax if they are not properly cared for. 

breast feeding

You should Pay Attention to Breast Care

Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to breast care from the beginning of pregnancy, use a wide-breasted bra to support the breast, while paying attention to massage or local use of special oil to increase the elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, it will reduce the possibility of breast sagging, breastfeeding after breastfeeding and breastfeeding The condition of the front breast is related. Those who are unwilling to breastfeed often fail to empty the breast milk in time, lack sufficient sucking stimulation, and terminate the release of reflex protactinium and Oxycontin, and reduce the formation and secretion of milk.

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