Momcozy travaille pour soutenir les mamans qui allaitent pendant #WBW2023 et au-delà

À l'échelle mondiale, l'allaitement maternel exclusif continue de croître, ce qui est précieux pour la santé et le développement des enfants. Momcozy estime qu'il est de la responsabilité sociale des entreprises des secteurs concernés de soutenir et d'encourager les futures mamans qui allaitent et celles qui allaitent actuellement, ainsi que les nombreux merveilleux spécialistes de l'allaitement à travers le monde.

Dans le but de normaliser l'allaitement et d'aider les femmes à se sentir autonomes, nous collaborons depuis 2021 avec la photographe Alicia Samone, basée en Arizona, et invitons les mamans qui allaitent et leurs bébés à se rassembler en Arizona pour une photo de groupe. C'est une déclaration à fort impact selon laquelle les mamans devraient pouvoir allaiter en public avec la confiance et l'assurance que le monde les soutient dans l'alimentation de leurs enfants.

For the past few years, Momcozy has been partnering with Alicia Samone to normalize breastfeeding.

While, we love hearing from breastfeeding moms who feel emotionally fulfilled! But, there are times when we hear their questions, concerns and frustrations, too.

This is why we’re committed to investing in as many educational resources to promote breastfeeding as we can. For National Breastfeeding Week 2023, we’ll be dedicating ourselves to providing mothers with more through our Real Support by Momcozy initiative.

What is Real Support by Momcozy?

Breastfeeding is a journey filled with ups and downs, accompanied by fulfillment and frustration.

At every stage, breastfeeding moms need to be adequately supported, which Real Support by Momcozy is positioned to offer through: 

1. More Breastfeeding Education and Support from Lactation Experts (At No Cost)

In the U.S., while many women have a general understanding of the benefits of breastfeeding, they may not have access to information on how to breastfeed correctly.

Momcozy believes that quality counsel from professional, IBCLC certified lactation specialists is beneficial in increasing a mother’s knowledge and skillset, helping them to view breastfeeding as normal and develop positive attitudes towards breastfeeding. This is why we’ve partnered with these specialists to provide valuable data and guidance to breastfeeding moms!

Through online webinars and events hosted by Momcozy, breastfeeding moms will have free access to certified lactation experts who will readily share their knowledge to improve the participant’s breastfeeding experiences.

[On-line Webinar]

Breastfeeding 101: Tips and Tricks for New Moms

July 12, 2023, 6PM - 7PM PST
Represented by Colette Wiseman, MD, IBCLC
Course Review
[Off-line Events]

Real Support from Experts and
Mom Community in Arizona

August 12, 2023, 4PM - 6PM | Arizona
Co-organized by Momcozy & Alicia Samone

2. Connection to a Supportive Breastfeeding Community

To expand the breastfeeding community and provide practical support to moms, Momcozy is launching the Breastfeeding Support Program. We believe when moms receive the vital support they’re seeking, they will help other moms in need.

The program is designed to offer a full suite of support to mothers. Its first offering, at this time, is IBCLC exam reimbursement through our Lactation Consultant Scholarship Fund for moms who have sat for and passed the IBCLC exam in 2022 or 2023.

3. One-Stop Maternity Solutions and Services

Finally, we believe real support means providing trustworthy, one-stop maternity solutions and services. Trusted by two million moms, Momcozy provides high-quality products and reliable motherhood information to keep moms comfortably supported through pregnancy and early motherhood.

Despite the success, we haven't stopped listening, and we have continued to improve the breast pumping experience for every mom. Click the button to discover everything you need in breastfeeding journey!

Supportive Breastfeeding Starts with Cozy Caring

To show our admiration for moms, we've launched a Cozy Case, filled with essential breastfeeding supplies, complete with a kneading lactation massager, nipple cream and breastmilk storage bags. The case is fully designed to unblock every plugged breast duct, relieve every ounce of pain, heal every sore nipple and collect every drop of breast milk. Be a cozy mom, also be a cozy her.

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