Which is Best Electric Breast Pump Hands Free of 2022?

Which is Best Electric Breast Pump Hands Free of 2022?

When you’re searching for an affordable electric breast pump hands free, in fact you are searching for something special which covered by your budget or one that’ll pump milk most efficiently. But whether you're at work or simply dealing with the newborn baby, you might realize you need a breast pump which can allow you more freedom.

What are breast pumps?

Breast pumps are fairly simple medical machines, which consist of a pump engine, flanges and tubing are connected to a milk collection container. Many common breast pumps plug into the wall for power. They usually require much of your time and freedom as mothers have to sit near a power outlet for pumping milk. Most often, mothers also use a pumping bra to support and hold the flanges and milk collection containers in a specific place.  

Old traditional breast pumps have a milk bottle to collect breast milk. This bottle attaches to a flange, after using a pumping bra, you can put these flanges into special holes in your bra and you can secure it, it keeps everything in place. But It can still protrude outside of your bra.

Fortunately, Momcozy S9 electric breast pump hands free can help. This breast pumps can fit completely inside your bra. It has no tubes or other external attachments. That means you can pump not only hands-free, but also more secretly with tension free.

Benefits of Momcozy S9 hands-free pump

S9 is more discreet: Such pump can make pumping much easier. For instance, you can live a free life without any worries about someone walking in on you pumping with these devices. You can also wear them while you driving or travelling.

Mothers may feel more comfortable: If you are using traditional breast pump You might cause back pain, but by using our S9 electric breast pump hands free mothers may feel more comfortable without any pain. That’s why many experts still recommend using a hand free breast pump in addition to a traditional breast pump. This hands free breast pump helps moms to return to their normal lives as before.

Momcozy S9 hands-free pump is wireless, compact and light weight which is enough to move around freely. It has a rechargeable option. You can use it for 3-4 sessions.

Mothers can wear it inside your nursing bra. Mothers can pump milk wherever, whenever with free breast pump.

Some special features of Momcozy S9 hands-free pump

  • Electric breast pump hands free is specially Made for all multitasking moms. Moms can take good care of their babies and can return to natural life.
  • It has weight of just 1 pound. Such hands free wearable pump could be a good option if you are on a trip, or to and from the work.
  • Its rechargeable battery can last 80-90 minutes.
  • It comes with a USB charging cable. You can also use it in the car and other outer places.


Many women underestimate the role of a breast pump during lactation. However, mammologists note that this device is a very important (and sometimes extremely necessary) thing for a woman in labor. Especially in the first few months of breastfeeding your baby.

The use of a breast pump during lactation helps to effectively solve the problem of excess or lack of breast milk, as well as avoid its stagnation in the female breast. It also applies when:

  • the child was born before the due date, did not learn to eat on his own;
  • the baby refuses the breast;
  • a woman experiences pain when breastfeeding;
  • the baby is separated from the mother due to hospitalization.

For medical reasons, a breast pump is recommended for the prevention of lactostasis and mastitis, with the appearance of inflammation and cracks in the nipples, engorgement of the mammary glands. Also, medical indications include the need to start the process of lactation in the mother after childbirth.

But even in cases where breastfeeding has been successfully established, a breast pump is indispensable for women. With its help, a woman can provide the baby with the necessary supply of breast milk, if it is necessary to take antibiotics and maintain lactation during the period of weaning.


The modern market is filled with products designed for expressing milk. Models differ in configuration, principle of operation, functions, and price. They fall into two broad categories - electric and manual breast pumps.


A mechanical breast pump is a simple device, the principle of which is to create a vacuum between the nipple and the cone of the device using a pear, piston, or pump. Under the influence of a vacuum, milk is released from the breast.


  • silent operation;
  • no need to connect to the network;
  • compactness and simplicity of design;
  • low price.


  • the laborious process of pumping;
  • lack of additional features.

Pump-action breast pumps

The simplest device on the market is electric breast pump hands free. The principle of operation of the pump device is based on the creation of a vacuum due to a rubber pump, which must be intensively squeezed by hand. Expressing milk in this way requires a certain skill and considerable effort. 

Unlike modern models, a pump-action breast pump does not imitate the rhythm of a child's natural sucking of milk, so cracks may appear on the nipples with intensive use of the device.

Vacuum breast pumps

At the heart of the work is a vacuum mechanism, with the help of which milk is expressed. Breast milk is released from the breast by pressing the pear attached to the device. The pumping process takes a long time, is very tiring for a nursing mother, and is not always effective. With intensive use, there is a risk of injuring the chest. 

And the pear itself, which is difficult to wash thoroughly, sometimes becomes a favorable breeding ground for bacteria.

Syringe breast pumps

Externally, the device looks like a syringe, consisting of two cylinders. The inner cylinder is applied directly to the nipple, and the outer (movable) one makes movements, thereby provoking the flow of milk to the breast and its release from the nipple. 

The device is small, but pumping lasts a long time, and both hands of the mother are involved in it. It is very difficult to control the strength of pumping, so some women experience pain when using such a device.

Piston breast pumps

The most common type of mechanical device for expressing milk. It is easy to disassemble, very compact, and easy to use. Its mechanism is represented by a special lever, which is connected to the bottle. To express, just put the funnel on your chest and press the lever. The device provides fast pumping but requires some effort on the part of the nursing mother.



Electric electric breast pump hands free works on the principle of manual breast pumps. Their main difference is the need to connect to a power source (mains or battery). Such devices provide comfortable pumping of breast milk, and perform additional functions. There are devices with a display that can memorize an individual pumping mode, which is very convenient for a nursing mother.


  • high pumping speed;
  • the possibility of decanting two mammary glands at the same time;
  • ease of use;
  • there is no need to exert physical effort;
  • Minimal risk of injury to the nipples of a nursing mother.


  • the need to connect to a power source;
  • some noise when using the device;
  • High price.

Single phase models

More simple devices that have only one pumping phase. Their rhythm is the same (approximately 30 pulls per minute) throughout the process. Some models allow manual regulation of the pumping rhythm and power. This option is optimal for lactating women who do not have problems with milk production.

Two-phase models

Sophisticated and expensive devices that can automatically imitate the habitual rhythm of breast sucking by a baby and remember it.

 They work in two stages. In the first stage, the mammary gland is stimulated by simulating the sucking of the baby at the breast (approximately 60 pulls per minute). Then the device switches to the second phase (30 pulls per minute) and proceeds directly to expressing milk. As a result, the woman's nipples are not injured, the pumping is correct, and the nursing mother feels comfortable.


Before you start expressing your breast, you need to properly prepare the electric breast pump hands free for work. Each model has its own characteristics that must be considered when assembling the device. Consider the assembly process using the manual breast pump as an example.

  1. Insert the valve into the body of the device and press it until it stops.
  2. Rotating the body of the device clockwise, screw it to the bottle from the kit.
  3. Put on the soft massage head with petals. Make sure it fits snugly and tightly against the funnel.


When choosing a breast pump, experts recommend paying attention to the following factors and criteria:

  • Frequency of use. Manual pumps are best for breastfeeding mothers who are not lactating and plan to express milk from time to time, while electric devices are the best solution for regular use.
  • It is very good if the kit includes 2-3 milk bottles with nozzles in the form of a nipple. This is very convenient because there is no need to pour the expressed milk into another container before feeding the baby.
  • Nozzle material. Silicone tips are considered the most comfortable for the skin. They fit snugly to the nipple, repeating its anatomical shape, and do not injure the skin.

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