#WBW2022: Momcozy Collaborates with Arizona Photographer to Normalize Public Breastfeeding

#WBW2022: Momcozy Collaborates with Arizona Photographer to Normalize Public Breastfeeding

Group photo at gASP Breastfeeding photoshoot

Maternity product brand, Momcozy partnered with photographer Alicia Samone for the annual gASP Breastfeeding photoshoot which took place on August 6th in East Valley and Ashley Castle, Arizona. The event, which happened during World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, was organized to help raise awareness and normalize breastfeeding with moms.

Breastfeeding has many benefits for babies and new moms. However, in today’s fast-paced society it can be difficult to find the time and space for a successful feeding schedule. To make matters worse, new moms may find it uncomfortable to nurse in public spaces, or even become subject to objections, negative comments or harassment from those around them. According to the CDC, over two-thirds of Americans find public breastfeeding to be acceptable, yet, most mothers still choose not to, most likely in fear of judgment or confrontation.

After receiving negative feedback when breastfeeding her own children, Samone, who herself is a mother of 3, started the event in 2017. In an effort to raise awareness and empower mothers, the event was organized to encourage breastfeeding and pumping in public as a natural part of motherhood.

The gASP Breastfeeding event’s main highlight featured a large group photo of the attendees breastfeeding their babies. Mothers also had the opportunity to take individual photos of themselves and their kids nursing separately from the group. Not just a photo opportunity, gASP is also an opportunity for moms to come together to make a statement in solidarity and support for one another. Each successive year has garnered a larger turnout than the last, with 343 attending this year.

world breastfeeding week 2022

Moms were also able to take individual photos with their babies 

“Our goal with each year’s photo shoot is to make a statement, that moms should be able to breastfeed without shame or judgment,” Samone said. “This year we’ve received our largest turnout yet. It’s great to see so many women come together in solidarity to send the message that moms shouldn’t have to hide or feel embarrassed for doing what mothers are supposed to do.”  

Nowadays, many working moms need to breast pump to help keep up with their babies’ feeding demands. According to Samone, “These moms thought they weren’t breastfeeding so they weren’t given the same support or look.” She continued, “We realized that when I said ‘breastfeeding event,’ moms that were pumping were sad that they couldn’t come. We’ve taken a huge stand in putting in the outlook that pumping IS breastfeeding and they deserve the same rights, support, and to be a part of everything breastfeeding.”

Speaking on this year’s main sponsor, Samone continued. “Momcozy helps us aid both new and experienced moms breastfeed by providing them the tools and support they otherwise may not have access to. We are incredibly grateful for Momcozy. They fully support the awareness we’re trying to raise and the statement that we are trying to make, bigger and louder than ever. I’m truly humbled and thankful for their support." She continued, “Together we are growing the breastfeeding community to be more prominent in the public eye, and to make extended breastfeeding more popular.”

world breastfeeding week

Attending moms received gift boxes from Momcozy 

Momcozy, best known for making quality maternity and pregnancy products that make pregnant and young moms’ lives easier, supported the event for the second straight year. “Breastfeeding should be an inalienable right,” said a Momcozy representative. “The world doesn’t stop for moms though, so they should have the freedom to feed wherever or whenever they see fit.” She continued. “At Momcozy we want to do our part to put moms first, and give them the care and support that they deserve.”

Attending moms received gift boxes from Momcozy. Many expressed their gratitude, with one mother, Jacquelyn stating, “The items in our gift boxes this year blew me away!” Commenting on the nursing bras included in each gift box, Jacquelyn added, “It’s by far the comfiest nursing bra I’ve ever worn!” 

About Momcozy

Emerging maternity brand, Momcozy’s mission is to empower moms all over the world to feel beautiful and powerful through its comfortable products. Momcozy doesn’t want mothers to choose between their comfort and their baby’s. By continually innovating and involving mothers in the design process, Momcozy has developed maternity products dedicated to making moms' lives easier and more comfortable, while helping them to be better mothers.

About Alicia Samone

Alicia Samone is a professional photographer based in Arizona and California. A mother of 3, she photographs anything from newborns, boudoir, labor and delivery, to weddings and events, among a wide variety of occasions.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aliciasamonephotography (@Alicia Samone Photography) Instagram: www.instagram.com/aliciasamonephotography (@aliciasamone)

Website: www.aliciasamone.com

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