How Much Sleep Do Babies Need?

How Much Sleep Do Babies Need?

Sleep is of the highest importance to everyone, but infants need it more. A newborn experiences tremendous development that can affect the behavior, emotions, body, brain and sets the stage for the continued growth through adolescence and childhood. Parents need to make sure that their kids are taking enough sleep. Baby spends most of their time sleeping in the daytime. The normal amount of time that infants sleep depends on their age.

Sleep for newborns from zero to three months

It is important to spend time between 14 to 17 hours of sleeping every day. Due to the requirement for feeding, their sleep breaks many times for shorter periods. At night, the bulk of total sleep is possible for them. Parents need to make sure that their bedding and surrounding must be comfy and suitable to accommodate daytime naps, nighttime sleep segments, and feeding. You need to build a rough schedule for your infant’s day. Moreover, the use of the muslin swaddle blankets can be helpful to make their sleep longer and comfortable.

Sleep for infants from four to eleven months

Guideline from the 4-11 months infants should get between 12 and 15 hours of sleep per day. AAP and AASM guidelines that suggest that 12 to 16 hours sleep is important for an infant. During the day, a child sleeps three to four hours. For good sleep, children need swaddle blankets to get enough warmth.

Why do children need to sleep for a long time?

Infants spend more than half of their time in sleeping because it is a period of their growth. Sleep helps in brain development, engagement in the activity and building networks and many more. It facilitates learning and thinking, as well as the formation of behavior. Nutrition and sleep allow a baby to grow mentally and physically. It acquires a better motor skill.

Is it normal to sleep more in the daytime?

It is common for infants to sleep in the daytime and obtain a meaningful portion of their complete sleep during day time. They sleep for three to four hours in the daytime and their nap time decreases as they grow and become healthier. These naps are good for kid’s health and growth.

What to do to improve sleep?

If your infant is not taking a proper nap and having a poor sleep pattern, you need to focus on improving their sleep pattern. You must check whether their bedding is comfortable or not. With the use of the swaddle blankets, you can make them warm and comfy to make their sleep longer.

Doesn't your baby look fresh and healthy after waking from sleep? Using high-quality muslin swaddle blankets is an ultimate solution. It provides great comfort to the infants for easy sleeping. It helps in soothing techniques. It works more efficiently and effectively for offering a comfortable sleep. Comfortable swaddling offers a 28% reduction in crying. It offers better sleep for a long time and in a better way. It prevents them from getting harm due to the random arm movements. The swaddle blankets prevent them from awaking them due to the random arm movements.

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