What Kind of a Nursing Bra Should a Breastfeeding Mother Wear?

What Kind of a Nursing Bra Should a Breastfeeding Mother Wear?

Choosing your bra is not an easy task: you never know what size fits you perfectly so you can feel comfortable, supported, and beautiful in your bra! We give you all our advice on knowing your breast size and finding the bra that is right for you. You can also find the different types of bra here. Being sexy, comfortable, and well maintained in your bra is possible!

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Find the bra size we need

Before undertaking the purchase of new lingerie, it is absolutely necessary that you know what your bra size is. Take a tape measure to measure your back and your chest.

It is important to stand up straight when measuring to make sure it is correct.

First, measure your chest size. Wrap the ribbon horizontally, without tightening, around your bust, passing it under your armpits, and on the tip of your breasts. Then note the measurement obtained.

Then go to the measurement of your bust measurement. Do as for the previous step, but this time taking the measurement under your chest. Record this measurement.



Once your measurements have been taken, and your exact size obtained, proceed to fit the bra. It may sound simple, but there are a few tips for wearing it properly:



When trying on your bra, remember to staple it behind your back and not at the front (as we all do) because this will not deform the underwire and keep it in good condition. To do this, put on the suspenders, lean forward, and place your chest in the cups.

  • Then staple your bra to the second notch: this often allows you to be neither too compressed nor too comfortable and leaves you a margin in the event of weight gain or loss. Keep in mind that you should still be able to run two fingers between the belt and your back. 



  • Be careful not to choose a bra model with too thin straps that could leave marks when sawing the shoulders, especially if you have a generous chest. They should not slide either, but you must be able to pass a finger between the strap and the shoulder when they are adjusted. Generous breasts should be especially careful with this point, which can cause back and shoulder pain. The major lingerie brands generally provide specific shapes and cuts for large bras. In general, on these bras for large breasts, the back and straps are thicker for maximum comfort.
  • Be aware that with the right size bra, the band is responsible for 80% of the support of your chest, and the straps are responsible for 20%.
  • And do not forget! Check your settings after each wash of your bras, as the straps may loosen slightly in the machine drum.


Bra types:


On this model, the straps are attached to the ends of the cups, and the seam is located just above the tip of the breasts.

  • The half cup bra is suitable for small and medium breasts; it can enhance them, give them volume, and a nice rounded shape while ensuring good support.
  • The cups generally incorporate foam pads in their lower part, which allow centering the breasts and creating a nice neckline.
  • The half cup bra models offer a more glamorous and sexy look than a classic model. They only wrap the lower part of the breast and therefore allow you to dare the deepest necklines!



The balconette bra is a semi-encasing model, which offers a nice neckline because it is more plunging than a classic bra. But beware; comfort and support are always there!

The caps are very often cut into two parts: 

  • A lower part that perfectly shapes the chest due to its vertical seam
  • A high part that covers the upper chest

The balconette bra is perfect for generous breasts up to D and E cups.



The push-up is a bra structure that aims to shape and lift your chest in the blink of an eye with a series of little tricks. A nice boost to enhance your chest!

  • Contrary to popular belief, the push-up bra is suitable for all types of breasts: if you have a small or medium chest, the push-up will give you a plump effect due to the pads on the sides and below the beanies.
  • If you have a generous chest, good news, you are entitled too! The push-up can then become your best ally: with age or even following a pregnancy, your chest loses firmness, and this is where the push-up comes in, it will sublimate your chest by lifting it and by modeling it.
  • The push-up will be your seductive asset if you dream of the feminine and sexy neckline. Think about it under your little dress or under your pretty plunging top; you're going to be a hit!



The underwired bra is a daily ally since it allows you to wear all your outfits provided that your tops are not too low-cut. The underwired bra is a rather classic model in its form. Without foam or padding, with a frame and cups that rise high, it follows the shapes of the chest and maintains it properly.

  • The underwired bra is specially designed for generous breasts, from a 95C: it will provide maximum support while wrapping the breast, without compressing it.



It is a bra with a straight neckline, with or without straps; it is generally the companion of our summer, to wear light materials on loose shoulders.

  • The bandeau bra is suitable for small and medium breasts because it does not necessarily hold the breast in place well, and this is all the more the case when worn without straps (not very glamorous to have to wind it up. 



As the name suggests, this bra has triangle-shaped cups. Generally, without foam or frame, it offers a more natural look.

  • The triangle bra is not made for all breasts: it is the ideal shape for small breasts that do not need great support. It will give the shape of the breast with delicacy.
  • But beware, the triangle bra will not lift your breasts and will not make them appear plumper or larger. On the other hand, it will delight small breasts who love the natural and fully assume the charm of their small neckline.


The nursing bra for moms

If you want to breastfeed, you can get a nursing bra to make your daily life more pleasant. The concept is simple: it allows you to open it to feed your baby without having to remove it. Moreover, the hands-free nursing bra is also a safe option when it comes to doing multitasking or expressing the milk at the workplace. For instance, Momcozy is the best breast pumping bra that gives you a lot of comforts.


The minimizing bra:

It is specially designed for those who find their breasts too generous and want to reduce it visually. From a C cup, you can wear it. It wraps the chest with high cups without compressing it and will lighten and better distribute its weight.

 hands free nursing bra

Sports Bra:

Using a traditional bra for running or weight training can be terribly uncomfortable. In these situations, this undergarment consisting of a single headband is more recommended. If you want to show your fashion taste or display your personality, you can opt for colorful models, or with the image of your favorite sports team.


Bottom Line:

It is advisable to measure your bra size once a year or just before buying lingerie. Indeed, the size of our chest changes throughout our life with age, pregnancy, weight gain and loss. This is also the reason why it is important to change your lingerie and not wear a bra for years.


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